This is where I post my poetry.. I might post excerpts from the book i am currently working on.. I welcome comments.
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Kyna's Education
Posted:Sep 23, 2020 8:33 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2020 12:17 am

My second book in the Kyna's Journey series is now available on Amazon. Yay!!!
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Posted:Sep 16, 2020 6:42 pm
Last Updated:Sep 17, 2020 8:38 am

Enclircling my neck a chain of gold
A symbol of my submission
From my lips vows are told
Confirmation of my surrender.

Spoken words of love and devotion
Honor and possession.
Spoken with heartfelt emotion
Yours forevermore
Book 2 will be live in a few days
Posted:Sep 14, 2020 6:30 pm
Last Updated:Sep 15, 2020 6:35 pm
So, i have finished and submitted for publishing the sequel to Kyna's Awakening. This one, Kyna's Education, should be live on amazon in a few days and if I did it correctly both books will be distributed to bookstores as well.
Posted:Sep 9, 2020 11:21 pm
Last Updated:Sep 11, 2020 5:48 am
As I said in a previous post, I just published my first book. The title is Kyna's Awakening by V.K. Hubbard. I am proud of it as it was a lifelong dream of mine to do this. If you want to know where it is available inbox me.
I think I am crazy
Posted:Aug 28, 2020 9:10 am
Last Updated:Aug 30, 2020 11:55 pm

So, I don't normally write rambling posts about my life and all that is going on in it. I have a journal for that. However, I did something last night I think is perhaps the craziest thing I have ever done. I published the book I was trying write. It should be available, finger crossed, in about 72 hours on Amazon Kindle, and then in paperback as well. As I said, I must be crazy.
Posted:Aug 25, 2020 6:34 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2020 12:17 am

The fates can be fickle and they can be cruel.
But then they can be kind and just.
To us, to you, to me.

When they brought us together, we had no clue
How perfectly their plan designed
For us, for me, for you.

Until the end of time we will be together
So thanks to the fates and thanks to the stars
From me, from you, from us.
The Waterfall
Posted:Jul 26, 2020 10:07 am
Last Updated:Aug 8, 2020 12:16 pm

I was awestruck as the woods opened a small glen. I could imagine fairies frolicking in the pool under the gentle flow of the falls. Splashing and playing. I could see them reclining on the moss-covered bank bask in the sun that shone through the opening in the forest canopy. The crystalline water shimmered as the sun turned the tips of it diamonds. Behind the fall, I glimpsed a wall of stone. It all seemed so pure, a virtual paradise hidden in the woods.
As I stood, drinking in the beauty, Kal came up behind me.
“Undress, Kyna.” The command was soft, but the tone was one I knew would allow no debate.
I glanced around, unsure.
“Undress, Kyna. Now. No one is here but us. Obey me.”
I turned and tried to look into Kal’s eyes. He was still wearing sunglasses so I couldn’t see his gaze, but could feel it. His jaw set and rigid. He took a step forward at my hesitation, cocking his head to one side, removing the sunglasses.
“No?” He asked, advancing again. “You’re going to disobey?”
“No, Sir.” I took a deep breath and nudged off my shoes. Socks, shorts, shirt, bra, panties followed in short order. Standing before him naked in the midst of the lush woods with the sound of the fall behind me, I felt suddenly shy and had to fight the urge to cover myself. I knew, from another time, this would bring consequences. After the discipline of the day before, I wasn’t sure I could handle more punishment. I took another breath and squared my shoulders.
From where I didn’t know, Kal pulled out a set of shackles and placed them on my wrists. He undressed never taking his gaze from mine. I was surprised to find him hard already. That and the thrill of being naked outdoors had me getting wet in anticipation. As he finished removing his clothes, he removed his sunglasses and his eyes roamed over me in what I could only term as a caress. I could feel his gaze as a touch as light as the gossamer of a butterfly wings sliding over my skin leaving goosebumps in its wake.
“Yes, Sir.”
He took my hand and carefully led me to the fall. Surprisingly, the water was warm. Lifting my arms, he attached the shackles to hooks I had not noticed during my appraisal on our arrival. The proximity of the hook to the water tumbling over the wall allowed me to keep my face out of the water, but it still flowed over me.
Kal waded back to shore. I was able to turn and watch him. From a pack he had brought, he produced the riding crop and came back to me. He held the end of the crop under the water for a moment.
“Face the fall, Kyna.”
Thwack! The combination of water on my skin and the wet leather at the end of the crop produced a sting unlike any I had experienced thus far with Kal. While it did hurt, the sting made my already moist pussy explode. Kal was caressing the area of contact with the crop. I glanced at him, he had a look of intense pleasure on his face. His eyes darkened as his pupils dilated. His breath was quick and shallow. Another bite with the crop had me pulling my hips forward. This one had been harder.
With a smile, Kal told me we were going to push my threshold today. We needed to break a barrier. I was cautioned to use my safe words. The consequence for not doing so hung unspoken between us. . The crop bit again. Harder. Even while I struggled keep my knees from giving out, the pulse of warmth between my legs grew. Again. Harder. Each slap increased.
“Pink!” I cried when I felt my legs would buckle and I would be hanging by the shackles.
“Good girl. See? Not so hard, is it?” The crop that had been circling on my tender behind was replaced with Kal’s hand. He stroked for a moment, then plunged his fingers into my heat. I exploded with an orgasm that left me struggling for breath and to keep my footing. With one hand continuing to bring wave after wave of pleasure, the other released my bonds.
With my hands free, Kal stopped the onslaught on my hot core, and lifted me into his arms. He waded to the deeper end of the pool. He sat and pulled me to straddle him. One hand guided him into me while the other slipped between us to fondle my clit. The buoyancy of the water allowed me to set a rhythm that had Kal throwing his head back with a growl deep in his throat. I rode him hard and was rewarded with climax after climax. When Kal joined me in release, I felt as if the whole of the forest shook with our cries.
I dropped my head to his shoulder. Shuddering aftershocks rocked my body as he held tight trying to get his breathing under control.
“I’ve never brought anyone else here,” he said when he could speak again.
“No? Why not?”
“I’m not sure. I fixed the hook a while back with the idea of doing just this, but no one ever seemed right for this. You do.”
The Awakening
Posted:Jul 2, 2020 3:06 pm
Last Updated:Jul 26, 2020 11:51 am

You look at me and my pulse quickens.
You touch me and I catch my breath.
My skin tingles in the wake of your caress.
My soul takes wing.

The gentle changes to firm.
The soft to hard.
Still my traitorous body responds.

With love and gentleness combined with a firm hand
You guide me
Showing me your way.

Forbidden and scorned.
How could this be wrong?

The Awakening has begun
Posted:Oct 9, 2019 5:04 pm
Last Updated:Aug 30, 2020 11:55 pm

I stepped into his cavernous bedroom. Larger than any bedroom I had ever seen, dominating the center of the room was a luxurious black king size bed. Surprisingly modern, it was a platform bed with upholstered squares surrounding the mattress and lining the headboard that stood at least 6 feet high. Shiny black nightstands with silver candelabra-style lamps flanked the bed which was covered in a sumptuous velvet comforter in royal blue over glistening deep purple satin sheets. The bed was piled with pillows, a jumble of black, blue, white, and purple. Appropriate, I think. Thinking of what he planned to do to me tonight, the colors suggested a bruise. I laughed inside. I didn’t want him to be insulted by my initial reaction. The wall facing the foot of the bed was filled with a 60-inch television mounted over the mantle of an overly large fireplace which was simmering with a low flame already. The mantle and side tables were laden with candles and white roses so fragrant the sweet, heady aroma reached me where I stood in the doorway. Snow white candles and white roses also lined a black, mirror-finish dresser on the wall to the left which boasted doors on either side. I made the quick assumption that one door would lead to a closet, most likely a walk-in, and the other would be the master bath. Completing the imagery that was assaulting my senses, were two wing back chairs upholstered in the same royal blue as the comforter on the bed with a small circular black table in the center to the right. Another candelabra-style lamp sat on this table, as well as more candles and roses. Also on this wall was a large set of French doors with royal blue vertical blinds covering them as well as black velvet drapes set to close over the blinds completely blocking out the outside world. Through the slits in now open blinds, I spied a balcony which I knew would only be accessible through this room. I stood there, silently glancing at everything, overwhelmed with the opulence in front of me. Raymond’s house, while far from simple, did not reveal any hint of the indulgences afforded to this room. Softly playing in the background, from where I don’t know, I hear George Michael crooning “Careless Whisper”.
Standing silently at my side, Raymond gave me the time to absorb all the details of the room, a small smile of what could only be satisfaction, hinted at the corners of his mouth.
“Do you like it?” He asked me softly.
Like it? I don’t even know how to begin to express what I think of it. I thought to myself.
“It is beautiful.” My voice cracked betraying my nervousness.
A pleased look lighted in Raymond’s eyes as he gently tugged my hand to bring me more fully into the room and close the door. He brought me to one of the chairs first. Tenderly easing me into it, he reached behind it to produce an ice bucket with a magnum of champagne and two crystal flutes.
“I thought you might be a little apprehensive. So, I thought we would sit by the fire and relax for a few more moments.”
Relieved, I accepted the proffered flute and let the sweet, bubbly liquid slide down my ever so dry throat. After a few more sips, I felt brave enough to trust my voice again.
“This is truly a lovely room. Very sensual. Definitely not what I was expecting from a single man.”
“Why do you say that?” He asked with a short chuckle.
“Well, most of the men I’ve known are not prone to choosing such rich fabrics, much less in such vibrant colors. They’ve mostly turned to cottons in plain whites, greys, or beiges. You know, boring. This…this screams…well, just screams sex.” I laughed, feeling looser, and much calmer, after a half a glass of champagne. I couldn’t see the label on the bottle with the linen around it, but had no doubt it was one of the finer champagnes that could be purchased. Raymond had fine tastes as he had shown on our previous dates.
“Yes. Thank you very much. You’re very thoughtful.”
“Kyna. I promise. This will be a night beyond anything you’ve ever experienced. You’ll not only enjoy it, but will want more. That being said, there are a few things we need to cover.”
“OK,” I let loose a small sigh and glanced at that beautiful bed. The bed he would be fulfilling that promise in. I am ready. At least I think I am.
“First, you only address me when I give you permission or ask you a question, again with permission. And you only address me as ‘Sir’. Also, there are safe words.”
“Safe words?”
“Yes, they are for your safety. One for when you need me to slow down or ease up. The other for complete stop. You pick them. Something you will remember easily.”
“Is there anything particular they need to be?”
“No. Anything you want.”
“Ok. Pink for slow down and purple for stop.”
“Sounds good. Now make sure you use them.”
“Yes, Sir,” I giggled, feeling silly and nervous at the same time.
“Yes, Sir.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, Sir”
With that simple statement, Raymond stood and walked to behind my chair. He placed a hand on my shoulder as if to further calm me, but I could feel my pulse beginning to race. Suddenly, I felt silk cover my eyes. So, quickly did he place it over my eyes, I didn’t even get to see what color it was. If the room was any clue, I would guess that it was a shade of blue or purple. He seemed to favor those two colors. I was not expecting this, but decide to just go with the flow and see what Raymond had planned for me. I did agree to trust him, right? Yeah, I did that.
“It’s ok, Kyna,” Raymond said, securing the blindfold. Then his touch vanished. “The blindfold will heighten your sensation and you’ll enjoy it more due to anticipation.”
I exhaled slowly. “OK.”
I waited for him to take my hand or say something, but only heard him moving around the room. I thought he went in the general direction of the bed, but was completely clueless due to the blindfold. I heard the covers on the bed as I assumed he folded them back. Next, I heard him opening drawers. I was breathless unsure what was coming, but felt the excitement building. My stomach clenched in anticipation of his next move. The song changed at some point, and I heard Mariah Carey’s “Hero”. Wow. Got to love the 80’s. That decade had some of the best love songs, I think to myself.
I sensed him before I felt him take my hand. I had been so wrapped up in my own thoughts, I had stopped listening to him move around the room. He tenderly drew me to my feet and led me across the expanse of the room. I felt my heart rate quicken. I swore it skipped a few beats. We stopped and he turned me. I couldn’t tell if I was facing toward or away from him, but could still perceive his closeness. The hem of my dress started to rise. Instinctively, I pressed my hands down to stop it from rising any further.
“Kyna,” Raymond whispered in my ear. “Don’t fight me. From this point on you must be obedient. Disobedience will result in consequences. Now, you’ll lift your arms to allow me to remove your dress.”
I took a deep breath before I responded, “Yes, Sir.”
Again, my hem began to rise. This time, I unquestioningly lifted my arms as he commanded to allow him to remove it. Free from the dress, I felt even more vulnerable. At least, I went shopping for this occasion. Gary and I had picked up a few pieces I felt naughty and, at the same time, deliciously sexy wearing. The panties were suspiciously moist already, and he had only given me that one skillful kiss in the hallway.
I was standing in front of him clad in black patent leather stilettos (not something I usually wear, but, thankfully had the legs for as well as the ability to walk in), black seamed stockings, a royal blue and black garter belt along with matching lace panties and bra. I heard him let out a whoosh of air, which I interpreted as approval at my attire. I grinned a little wicked grin. I knew the lingerie looked good. I had taken a long, appreciative glance at myself as I had dressed this evening. I felt utterly decadent in the garments, but did appreciate the way they hugged my figure and enhanced my legs and breasts. The bra was a demi-cup with lace edging, which barely contained my breasts. The cups were royal blue satin. The panties were sheer lace in the back with a patch of the same royal blue satin covering the front repeated on the garter belt. The stockings encased my long, slender legs in their shimmery silk and stopped mid-thigh topped with lace and held in place by the stays on the belt. I had struggled some to get the seam straight, but, I admitted, the result was extremely erotic.
Raymond ran his finger lightly along the top edge of the bra. I felt my nipples tighten in response to his touch while more moisture seeped into the now damp panties. Grasping my shoulders, he turned me again. Deftly, and with incredible skill, he removed the bra. I heard it fall to the ground some distance away as he must have tossed it. I shuddered as he took my breasts at once into his strong hands, while pulling me into his chest. His palms were warm and just a little rough. This I knew was from his various outdoor activities that keep him fit. He began by gently squeezing, his thumbs teasing each nipple. Slowly, he increased the pressure, then started rolling my nipples between his thumb and forefinger, increasing the pressure slightly every so often. Unable to contain myself, I feel a moan escape my throat. As if a signal, the pressure increased to the point of light pain. Not anything that I couldn’t stand, but caused each nipple to be that much more sensitive.
I arched my back and pressed my breasts into his hands. The feeling of that pinch caused even more wetness between my thighs and butterflies to erupt in my stomach. Just when I thought I couldn’t take no more of the assault to my breasts, Raymond pulled his hands away. I felt my lower lip begin to pucker out. Don’t stop, I thought. I like this. This isn’t that bad. Not anything like what I envisioned when we had broached the subject previously.
“Don’t pout,” Raymond said. Then, as if to prove a point, he took my mouth in his, pressing his tongue against my lips until they parted and allowed him access. I gasped when he bit my lower lip.
Hooking his thumbs in the top of my panties, he slid them down my legs, allowing me to brace myself on his shoulders as I stepped out of them.
“Oh. Someone is ready,” he all but purred. “Your panties are very, very wet.”
I wanted to just sink into the floor and cover myself I was so embarrassed. I could feel my skin warm with the redness I knew was spreading over me.
“Don’t be ashamed, Love. This is a good thing. You’re responding exactly how I expected you would. Now, take one step back and lie on the bed,” he commanded
I took the step and felt the edge of the bed against the back of my silk clad thighs. As I sat, Raymond commanded me to slide onto the bed until he tells me to stop. This takes a moment, but I must have reached the center of the bed for he finally told me to stop and bring my legs to left and lie back. As I did as ordered, I felt his weight come onto the bed. He made some minor adjustments to my position on the bed, then I felt him leave the bed.
“Raise your hands above your head.”
Hesitantly, I raised them. I felt my arms restrained by some sort of soft shackle I had not noted when I had entered the room and spied the bed, leaving my legs free. I pulled at each restraint only to find that I was indeed unable to free myself.
“You can pull, but you’ll find you’re quit securely bound. Now, relax and enjoy.”
Relax? I am naked as the day I was born save for stockings, a garter belt, and my shoes. Why do I still have on my shoes? He likes it, I suppose. As if reading my mind, Raymond removed my shoes.
“While they’re very attractive and do wonderful things to the shape of your legs, you’ll not need these for what I have planned. Tell me your safe words, Kyna.”
“Pink and Purple, Sir.”
“Remember them. I don’t want to do anything you don’t want, but do want you to enjoy this. This is for your pleasure as well as mine.”
“Yes, Sir.”
Well, Kyna. I thought. You did agree to try this for him. Suck it up, buttercup. So far it is good. You will survive this. My internal pep talk did nothing to calm my nerves, which strangely have only excited me that much more. Gary had told me just to relax and let it flow. He assured me that this was the only way to go. Well, I would try to do just that. I let out another long breath.
“OK?” Raymond queried.
“Yes, Sir.”
“Good. Now, just be patient. I’ll be back in a moment.”
Alarmed that he would be leaving, I attempted to sit up only to find that I couldn’t with the straps binding me to the bed. “You’re leaving me?” I exclaimed.
“First, you were told not to speak without permission. That was bad. You will be punished for that. Second, you are never to question me. I decide what will and what will not be. Third, no, love, I am not leaving you. I am just preparing a few things. I will never leave you alone. Not for one second. I couldn’t bear to walk from this room and be absent from the lovely vision you are tied to my bed.”
This caused the blood to again rush to my face in embarrassment, which, in turn, brought an amused chuckle from Raymond. I heard him moving about the room again. What the hell is he doing? My imagination was running rampant with anticipation and just a twinge of fear. This was all so unknown to me. I struggled to calm my breathing. I noticed the song has changed yet again. This time Meghan Trainor and John Legend were vowing to love “Like I’m Gonna Lose you”. Powerful words for a powerful moment.
The bed gave for Raymond’s weight as he returned to join me. Lightly, almost to the point of being a whisper against my skin, he ran finger down my left arm. From there, the touch moved to float from my throat, down the valley of my breasts to stop just above the edge of my garter belt. I inhaled deeply anticipating that feather-light sensation to descend even lower. Yet, it vanished. My nerves were on edge. This waiting for what is next was going to be the death of me. Almost as quickly as it left, the touch returned, if floated the length of my right arm and again over my chest to end at the same point. Just a touch lower and Raymond would feel the heat and wetness that had been steadily growing.
Raymond pressed against my right hip, lifting and turning until I was on my stomach, my arms were crossed at the wrists but still restrained. The smack of his bare hand across my ass was so unexpected I jerked in response and cried out. His hand was massaging the sting before I could find words much less remember I was not allowed to speak without permission. Then, another followed by more massage. This went on for a total of six strikes to my now tender ass.
“I told you disobedience would merit punishment. Be aware, I will repeat the lesson. You will obey. Any questions, Kyna?” He sounded breathless like he had been running. I could also hear the undercurrents of pleasure in the gravel that had come into his voice now.
Shew. Am I going to survive this? I think to myself as I choke out a simple, “No, Sir.”
“Good. Now. I thought to start with you on your back, but I find I like this view. I’ll pleasure you if you obey, but, I caution you, I will discipline you again if you don’t. Understood?”
“Yes,” was my hesitant response. Oh, Damn! I didn’t say ‘Sir’, and didn’t catch my error fast enough to correct it before I received another stinging smack to my already tender rear. True to form, though, he did massage it after the smack again, which did seem to dull the sting somewhat while at the same time strangely enhancing it.
While I attempted to ponder that, I heard that deep gravel near my ear, “You didn’t say ‘Sir’, Love. Had to teach you. Any reason you wouldn’t?”
“I forgot, Sir?” I queried. Honestly, I had, but remembered too late. I figured honesty was always best.
“Understandable, but unforgivable. You’ll have to try harder to remember, Love. While, I am dearly loving the pink hue of your derrière right now, I don’t want to have to discipline too much. This is about pleasure, not punishment. There will be some pain, but the pain will bring the pleasure with it. You’ll see.”
I will see? I can’t see anything. I am blindfolded, I laughed to myself. Of course, that is not what he meant, I knew that, but I found amusement in it. Besides, so far, if I were true to myself, I was enjoying the sensations. I’d controlled my life, my work, my , grandchildren for so long that to let someone else have control was foreign. I was sure that would not be the last “discipline” I would be receiving that night. That was the last thought I had as Raymond began an all-out assault on my senses.
None too gently, Raymond pulled my legs apart, and I felt him move between them. I was completely immobile now. I couldn’t close my legs had I wanted to. Those coarse hands slid from my ankles to my knees to my thighs, kneading with firm pressure along their slow, tortuous route. The result was both relaxing and stimulating. The massage was soothing, but the pressure and compression sent shockwaves of pain up both legs.
How can pain feel so good? My very core shook, and, again, the wetness began to spread at the juncture just inches from his thumbs.
Higher still this arousing manipulation moved. His hands were again on my ass. Still rubbing, gripping, pinching at times. Wetter and wetter, I became. Unable to contain myself, I began to move against his hands. Completely in rhythm, we seemed to be dancing a sort of backwards, upside-down dance. Raymond increased the firmness in his machinations and I let loose with a moan. My eyes rolled back behind the blindfold as my breath hitched and started to come in gasps. Trembling, needing him to touch me there, I forgot his earlier warning.
“Please,” I pleaded. “Please touch me.”
SMACK!! I squealed as much from the pleasure as the shock of pain at the spanking. Then, the familiar massage resumed.
“I warned you. You aren’t allowed to speak without permission.” Again, he pelted my ass and then started the rubdown again. Higher still he moved. Relaxing and titillating. I was panting. In exquisite agony, I wanted him to move lower and touch me yet didn’t want the bodywork to end. It was sheer ecstasy.
After what I determined was what an eternity felt like, Raymond reached my shoulders. He softened the pressure there. By then, I didn’t want him to. I wanted the hardness of the previous massage and moaned in protest. I heard Raymond chuckle low in his throat. He knew this was my defiance to not being able to beg. However, I didn’t feel his hand. He shifted slightly removing both hands, and there was a crack that filled the air. The sting to my already sensitive ass was highly intense. No massage after this time either. I jerked trying to pull away. Only find this futile, as my hands were still tied above my head and he was still between my legs, which prohibited me from rolling over.
“Easy. Easy,” he crooned to me. “Did you expect me only to use my hand? That causes me pain after a while and I’m not built for receiving, only giving. Do you want to use a safe word?”
He was giving me an escape. I could end this. Did I want it to end? Contemplating this for a second, I shook my head, cleared my throat and replied, “No, Sir. I do not. May I ask a question, though?”
“Of course, Pet.”
“What was that, Sir?” I wouldn’t forget the ‘Sir’ again. I thought, giggling in my mind.
“A riding crop. Did you like it?”
Did I like it? Well, I thought I might have. I inhaled, and slowly blew my breath through pursed lips before answering. “Yes, Sir. I believe I did.”
I could almost feel him smile. That beautiful white smile. It was one of the first things that had attracted me to him. I fell in love with his mouth. Truth? I thought. I wanted his mouth on me now, but knew I couldn’t ask.
I took that long, slow breath again. No sooner than I exhaled and the assault began again. Ankles, knees, thighs, ass, back, shoulders. This time, Raymond grabbed my long hair which is in a ponytail, as requested, and pulled my head up from the bed. Ravaging my mouth, his tongue began a mating dance with mine. I was melting. All of who I am was becoming a puddle in the middle of my body where my legs joined with my upper body. I began to shiver. I felt the tightening in my stomach, and at once my orgasm was a wave of fluid I felt flowing down onto the bed into a pool of warmth beneath me.
I had never experienced an orgasm that intense. Much less from a kiss and a massage. Wow! This man had some serious skills, I thought, as I smiled into his mouth which was still attacking mine. I had no more thought this when he deepened the kiss again with one hand still pulling my hair I felt the sting of the crop again. Not as hard this time, I was sure because I had done nothing wrong. At least, I didn’t think I had. Again, the waves of orgasm washed over me, even more intense than the previous. How this could be possible, I had no idea. If they continued to increase, I would surely die from pleasure, but die all the same. Could be worse ways to go.
Raymond removed himself from between my legs and I felt him at my side. I began to pull my legs together, feeling rather exposed. Snap! Crop again! Harder this time. I felt the pain, but it just caused the wetness between my thighs to increase.
“No, no. You’re not allowed to close those lovely legs. I can’t get to the sweetest part of you if you close them.”
“Yes, Sir.”
Snap! “That wasn’t a question. That was an order, and I didn’t give you permission to speak. I am starting to think you’re enjoying your discipline.” He laughed.
Am I doing these things intentionally? I thought. I had no further time to determine an answer for that. Raymond was kissing me again, but now, his hand had found my pussy, dripping and hot, and was massaging my swollen clitoris with firm pressure in circular motions.
“Oh God, Kyna! You are so hot and wet! I figured you would respond well, but this is more than I expected.”
The pressure built as the orgasm began to pour. Right before I exploded, he stopped rubbing my clit and plunged his fingers deep within me. That was all the catalyst I needed. I cried out as the orgasm had me bucking against his hand unable to lie still. He continued to move his strong fingers in and out, building the intensity and causing release after release after release.
I had never had multiple orgasms before. Had heard of them. Just never had them. The intensity and pleasure was immense. I lost count before he finally withdrew his hand and leaned in to give me one of those toe-curling kisses. I am panting when he pulled away from my mouth.
“Catch your breath. I’ve only just started.” He gave me another deep kiss, more gentle this time, but with the same result as the previous kisses. My body rocked with another orgasm. I felt him smile against my mouth as he felt my body convulsed against him. The longer he kissed me, the longer the shockwaves continued. I tried to pull away and was rewarded with a quick snap of the crop on my very tender ass.
How the hell was I supposed to catch my breath when he kept doing things like that? I wondered. I didn’t want him to stop anyway. I was loving every second of what he was doing to my body. I had never felt so alive before in my life!
As if sensing my thoughts, Raymond began the massage again and didn’t stop until I was crying out in ecstasy. Over and over, that wonderful massage culminating with orgasm after orgasm. When I felt as if I couldn’t possibly stand anymore, Raymond commanded me to roll back over on my back. I thought the exquisite torture was finished, and he would make love to me, but I couldn’t have been more mistaken.
As soon as I was repositioned with my legs again spread to the side and him kneeling between them, I felt the tip of what I could only assume was the riding crop being lightly ran up the outside of my right leg. Its touch was as light as the flutter of butterfly wings. The sharp contrast of this to the previous slaps he had delivered to my ass was just as stimulating. Unbidden, my hips began to slowly undulate. Just when I was starting to believe that the punishment and pain were at an end, which surprisingly disappointed me, I felt the sharp sting of the leather head as he slapped it against the sole of my foot. I cried out in pleasure and surprise. Snap! Another slap to the other foot. Replacing the soft stroking with strikes of the crop, each stroke moved steadily higher until I felt it snap against my hypersensitive clit.
The pleasure brought by this was shocking to my reserved mind. I could not fathom how I could possibly be enjoying someone striking me. I reflected again on the mind-boggling fact that I was so turned on by the pain. I would never have believed that pain would be so stimulating, but it was, by far, the most titillating sexual experience I had ever had.
Raymond continued to place not-so-light taps to my clit while his other hand had found my breasts. Except for the brief exchange prior to lying on the bed, he hadn’t touched them. However, his hand had started doing the most scrumptious things to her breasts. He alternated between a pleasing massage-like movement and a firmer squeeze which he coupled with pinches to the very erect and sensitive nipple. It wasn’t long until he replaced this with his mouth. Nibbling and biting the nipple until I was beginning to tremble with the start of another orgasm. The riding crop had not ceased its wonderful torment to my clit. That coupled with the manipulation and nibbling of my breast brought me to yet another tremulous orgasm.
His hands and mouth suddenly left me. I cried out in protest. No words, just a whimper to make my unhappiness apparent to him. Almost as quickly as they left, I felt him enter my drenched pussy. His cock was rock hard and thick, stretching me to my limit, but able to glide easily in due to all my natural lubrication. Slamming into me over and over, he was quickly bringing me to climax yet again. I began to pull at the restraints wanting to be able to wrap my arms around him and hold him closer. I urged him on with my hips and wrapped my legs around him to pull him deeper. In answer to my struggling, he reached up and released my hands. I dug my fingers into his shoulders, then sought out his face blindly to tug him into a kiss. With his mouth entangled with mine, our tongues began mating as our bodies were. We reached a blinding pinnacle of rapture together. Our bodies slick with perspiration, we clung together for what seemed like eternity. He removed my blindfold and gazed my passion-blurred eyes.
Kissing my nose tenderly, he inquired, “Are you ok?”
“Oh, yes, Sir!” I replied, breathlessly.
“Did you enjoy that?”
“Enjoy it??” I asked, incredulously. Couldn’t he tell? “Can we do it again?”
Raymond collapsed on top of me, shaking with laughter. “Kyna, we can and we will. Just give me a moment to recharge.”
“Ok. In that case, would you mind terribly getting me some champagne? I’m extremely thirsty.”
“Honey, you can have anything you want. I’ll be back in a second.”
With that, Raymond rolled from me and walked over to retrieve our glasses as I sat up and leaned back against the headboard. Rejoining me on the bed, he pulled me onto his lap and handed my flute of champagne but not before he kissed me again.
“You’re incredible,” he said.
Blushing, I replied, “only because of you. I’ve never experienced anything that intense before. I mean, I’ve had orgasms, just nothing so…well…mind-blowing.” I looked up at him and smiled. This beautiful, sweet man had just given me the most unbelievable night of sex in my life and he was telling me that I was incredible.
“Let’s rest a while, then we’ll raid the fridge,” Raymond said as he took my glass and placed it and his on the table beside the bed.
“OK.” I slid off his lap, stretched like a cat, and laid my head on his chest. I would be more than happy to cocoon myself within this house and bed and never leave. I felt as loose as if I had just had a 60-minute massage followed by a long soak in a Jacuzzi. Every muscle in my body felt like putty they were so relaxed. Raymond pulled me tighter against his side, and began stroking my hair and back. This is heaven, I thought. That was the last thought I had as I slipped off to sleep.
Posted:Oct 9, 2019 4:59 pm
Last Updated:Aug 29, 2020 1:56 pm

​Stumbling alone
Afraid and lost
Always eternally seeking
For what, I do not know
True joy and fulfillment just beyond my grasp

In a flash, you are there.
Reaching for me
Luring me
Enfolding me not with your arms but warmth and light

Obediently I follow
Tenderly you guide me
Teaching me
The light of your power envelops me
The glow of you empowers

Awareness dawns like the rising sun
You are that for which I searched
Sweet Submission

Quietly asserting your dominance
My body becomes yours
Owned now by the light
My soul rejoices
Posted:Oct 9, 2019 4:55 pm
Last Updated:Jul 13, 2020 7:12 pm

Touching me, feeling me, needing me, wanting me, loving me.

My body quivers, my heart races, I can feel my breath catch.

With just a look, you can ignite desires that have lain dormant and seemingly unreachable.

You touch me, not with your hands, but with your eyes.

I feel them brush over my hair, over my face, feeling the rise in pulse as your eyes continue their slow caress.

Those eyes return to peer into mine.

Just a look.

Nothing more and I know what lies in store.

Desire is radiating from your gaze.

As you reach for me, again I feel my breath catch in anticipation of the pleasure to come.

Yet, still, you do not touch.

Still your eyes caress, teasing me.

I feel them as though your hands were upon me.

You have chosen to prolong the period of waiting knowing that my release will take me beyond the stars with its power.

Again, you reach a hand toward me.

Slowly, one caress upon my cheek as light as the gossamer of butterfly wings.

Barely perceptible, yet creates tremors in its wake as again I feel only your eyes.

Everything I need can be found within the depths of that gaze.

All that I want is promised as well.

A touch.

A need.

Entangled in the ethereal wisp of your desire.

Shuddering with anticipation of your touch.

My eyes flutter closed willing you to prolong our moment.

I can see even what my eyes do not.


Touching me.

Feeling me.

Needing me.

Wanting me.

Loving me.
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