Politely letting someone down..  

Splendid_Em 44F  
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5/23/2020 10:52 am
Politely letting someone down..

How do you let someone down politely?

Please realize that I get close 0 messages a day. I don't want be nasty, but don't think you're Adonis material when your picture portrays someone chubby, bald and with a 3 inch coc I'm not even getting into the people who are balder 50 pounds heavier and 5 inches shorter than their pictures. I'm a bitch, I am able to be discriminating. The law of supply and demand has allowed to be very picky about my partners. You don't get in the door unless you project confidence and masculinity, without douchiness. You don't get a second call unless that confidence translates on the phone. You don't get kiss unless you match your pictures and your personality translates IRL.

And please, if I didn't answer you the first times, what makes you think 11 will be lucky?

Paulxx001 63M  
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5/23/2020 2:05 pm

For some, eleven is a lucky number. 😎

Brownie202 63F  
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5/23/2020 4:42 pm

Some have said thanks for answering. Some don't take no even though it's polite. I say not interested. No reason which they are not entitled to even though some think they are. If crude or have a dick picture I don't always answer. If I do its not what they was hoping it would be. You can be polite. No ewww you are fat / small dick / to old or whatever. Some men don't like being told no. One even made a new account after I blockef him. Name was so close to his first one I automatically blocked it. He finally gave up

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JustLookn439 54M
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5/23/2020 6:06 pm

A common mistake many women make is that the supply and demand for women only has a relatively small advantage. Truthfully, the population is close to 50/50. Admittedly, there are many, many more horny men than horny women, so from that aspect your point is valid. THIS is where women often lose that advantage... High quality men will not "settle" for low quality women ... EVEN if that were all that is left to play with. This may explain why so many on here find so many bizarre men. I'd rather play alone than with a women I don't truly like.
I question some of what you say as a statement about yourself. To make fun of the guy because he is a jerk is one thing....to make fun of him because he is fat, bald, or has a small cock is a bit of a statement......about YOU.
Imagine how women would feel if men called them out for being fat...or flat chested. What would most women think of such a man (I imagine some on here HAVE stooped to that low).

jajo696 65F
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5/23/2020 7:51 pm

Well....you could be ...very very....specific on your profile. Like in BOLD letters say some of the things that you have said here. IF they read it, and still try, they will know why there is no response from you.

For others , that cant , wont or dont care what the profile says. You can always say, that you are no longer looking, that you need someone closer, that you have very limited time spent here , that you are looking for specific criteria. The list is endless.

Overall, i find it curious as to why you are saying all these things publicly which can be construed as shallow, yet you are asking how to let someone down.....politely. Those two things are not in sync~~

Good Luck with it all ~~

CleavageFan4U 63M  
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5/24/2020 6:25 am

Quite humorous what the site glitch did with the number of messages you get in a day.

I'm well aware of the ratios here, but being realistic and polite is something I do as part of my basic nature anyway. HOWEVER, I will admit to suggesting to some ladies that they expand their definitions as a way to expand their experiences and adjust their prejudices. This only happens once though - some people can't/won't/aren't interested in learning.

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Apollorising58 59M  
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5/27/2020 2:06 pm

Keep up your standards!

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