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Politely letting someone down..
Posted:May 23, 2020 10:52 am
Last Updated:May 24, 2020 2:28 pm

How do you let someone down politely?

Please realize that I get close 0 messages a day. I don't want be nasty, but don't think you're Adonis material when your picture portrays someone chubby, bald and with a 3 inch coc I'm not even getting into the people who are balder 50 pounds heavier and 5 inches shorter than their pictures. I'm a bitch, I am able to be discriminating. The law of supply and demand has allowed to be very picky about my partners. You don't get in the door unless you project confidence and masculinity, without douchiness. You don't get a second call unless that confidence translates on the phone. You don't get kiss unless you match your pictures and your personality translates IRL.

And please, if I didn't answer you the first times, what makes you think 11 will be lucky?
Wedding Mischief
Posted:May 23, 2020 6:42 am
Last Updated:May 28, 2020 5:25 am

About a year ago I went a wedding for a friend in LA. Didn't think much of naughtiness, as I was flying in Saturday morning and leaving Sunday night. I was seated at a table with a few singles and I hit it off with one guy. The fact that my tits were nearly tearing through my dress may have been a reason After some chatting over appetizers, we shared a dance with let him feel my tits against his chest and me feel up his coc We snuck off a vacant closet for a blowjob, then he pulled up my dress and took from behind. Quickly back the rest of the party, where we played coy. Thankfully the wedding was at our hotel, we were making out like horny teens in the elevator, he had my dress off 5 seconds after getting into his room. He asked right away was for show off my naked body (which I love do). Arms over my head, shake my tits, bend down and let them swing, show off my ass. Then we hopped into the jacuzzi and I sucked him off while underwater. I positioned myself so the jets worked my clit, so I was cumming as I sucked him off. This was a big jacuzzi, so we got to enjoy every position, I found I simply adore being fucked doggy style while the gets are massaging my tits. Next benefit is fucking my ass is so much easier, even for a huge cock like his. When I rode his reverse cowgirl, and we lounged in the jets while his hands worked my tits while his kissed . I swear we went this way for a good hour.
Like a good gentleman, he tipped the housekeeping well for the mess, treated me breakfast, and I never saw him again. Come think of it, I'm not sure I remember his name.
Is there anything better after sex than?
Posted:May 22, 2020 7:39 am
Last Updated:May 23, 2020 6:27 am

-Being unable walk because you've been contoured into every possible position
-Feeling amazing sensations in your clit for hours
-Having swollen nipples that just wearing a bra sends sensations down to your clit
-Having endorphins hours later
-Still thinking a massive cock is in your pussy a day later
-Still having a hunger for cock and cum
About to pop
Posted:May 21, 2020 6:23 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2020 7:34 am

Two months into quarantine, and the longest I’ve gone without sex in a long time. On top of that my favorite vibrator went kaput. Made me think about a particular salicious encounter.

I was interning at a bank during the summer of my junior year. I had googly eyes for the bankers, and at an after work function I made sure to sex up my outfit-smaller bra, tighter top, higher heels. When I got him alone, we chatted and the top buttons on my blouse mysteriously popped. Soon we were alone kissing and he was happy to have his hands over my tits. He then offered me a helicopter tour of the city. I honestly didn’t pay attention to the scenery, as I pulled out my tits and my hands worked his cock. I don’t care if the pilot noticed as I squeezed the cum form his cock and licked my fingers clean. After a stop for condoms, we were back at his place, and my clothes were off in 16 seconds flat. He then surprised me by tying my arms and legs to his doorframe, tying up my tits as well. After smacking my ass and tits raw, I crawled on all fours and sucked him off. Then hours of fucking in every position before we fell asleep. I woke his cock up with my mouth, then climbed on his cock. Next we showered, he loved soaping up my tits while fucking me silly.
Feeding Frenzy
Posted:Apr 18, 2020 4:03 am
Last Updated:May 21, 2020 6:35 pm
I go bonkers of I go more than a couple of days without sex (hence this quarantine is killing ). But sometimes the combination of work, family and my playmate's availability just kills the schedule. I end up with these intense dreams of cock doing amazing things .

So the schedules finally clicked and I headed a diner for a meetup with a new potential playmate. Packed my travel bag just in case (condoms, dildos, plugs, clamps, change of clothes). Chatting for a minute, we both knew where this was heading, and we went my car and slid into the backseat of my mom-van. I love steaming up the windows like horny teens, especially when I see my footprints on the window. I was so fucking horny that my tits nearly popped out of my dress on their own, and the feeling of his teeth on my nipples drove orgasm immediately. After a teaser of a BJ, we headed my local fuck-motel, and he had my clothes off in no time, and his massive cock between my tits while he oiled them. I simply adore looking into a mirror while on my knees, cock sliding between my tits as I am sucking coc

He then tossed on the bed, put the plug in my ass, and started fucking while I was bent into a V. While fucking , he took my monster BBC dildo and fucked as well. He took his free hand and put it in my mouth, with every hole stuffed I was in heaven. Then in a first for , he positioned face down, ass high in the air and fucked jackhammer style, catching the view of my tits bouncing this way while my juices were dripping down me was amazing.

After a couple of hours of being fucked every possible way, he stood over me and fed me his cock, both my hands working his monster until he came over nearly every inch of me. He then had to leave, I simply lay there, exhausted, sore, sweat and cum coated...…..
Boredem exercises
Posted:Apr 15, 2020 3:09 pm
Last Updated:Apr 17, 2020 8:42 am

The other day I gave some thought what tickles my nether regions in a man. Some of the professions of men I've been with:

Firefighters (by far)

Do contractors count twice when they get me coming and going? One time I needed my floors redone, and this specimen came to do it. I couldn't miss the chance to go sunbathing in the backyard, and come in to offer him water, tits basically pouring out of my top....
Posted:Apr 15, 2020 2:20 pm
Last Updated:May 18, 2020 3:29 pm

A friend who knows about my extracurricular activities asked how long from introduction sex does it usually take . Generally it takes some time get comfortable giving out my number (thank you ), it usually takes at least a week before I get comfortable enough. After we exchange digits, I can usually weed out creeps and shyguys the phone. If we meet it's always at a diner or a Starbucks where it's public and easy if things aren't clicking. I'd say about half of the men who get Starbucks get at least a BJ out of it (most of the time it's someone who has severly misrepresented their appearance, or just isn't comfortable).

That said, last summer I had the the first half of summer break, and once they were at their days, I was horny as fuck. A guy I met online, and we met for drinks the next night. He tossed me in the bed of this pickup and fucked me in plain view of the road. Then we went off to the motel and fucked like responsible adults...….
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Business and Pleasure
Posted:Apr 15, 2020 2:00 pm
Last Updated:Apr 17, 2020 5:48 am

I love business trips because it allows the most discrete playtime, with usually no risk of attachment. one such trip, one of my fellow passengers in first class took notice of , and we causally flirted over the course of the flight. Turns out we were staying in the same hotel and going the same conference. Now conferences on real estate insurance risk management are normally a hoot, even more so when you arrange for drinks afterwards. At lunch break, my tried and true MO is let a couple of buttons loose on my blouse. Soon we are licking wine off each other's tongues while he is finger-banging . Give a moment, he asks, it turns out he slipped the coat check attendant get lost for minutes. I quickly got work his cock, while he pulled my tits out from my bra. I spent the next 3 hours of the conference with cum soaked tits. Afterwards it was back his room, immediately he tosses me the bed, hikes my skirt, rips clean off my panties and begins fisting while slapping my ass. I climb him, burying my tits in his face until he begs for air, while he is spreading my ass. He then rolls my back, ties my feet and hands the top of the headboard, proudly displaying by pussy and asshole. He takes one of his ties and gags , the thrill is driving wild. A good long fucking, followed by him dumping a load of cum on my face. After some work on my part get him good and hard, he took from behind, fucking my ass as well while he slaps my tits good. A brief break for snacks and water and we went the jacuzzi. I love sucking a man off underwater, and then climbing top as the jets wash over .

A couple of hours before the next morning's session started, I limped back my room.
Posted:Apr 7, 2020 8:04 am
Last Updated:Apr 13, 2020 4:29 pm

Is there anything more erotic than watching yourself being fucked to orgasm? I love being fucked reverse cowgirl this way. Lean me back a bit to highlight my pussy, to see him sliding into me. Both his hands all over my tits, pulling them by my nipples. Him biting my necks as his hands guide my hips up and down.
Posted:Apr 5, 2020 3:06 pm
Last Updated:Apr 8, 2020 5:06 am

Is there anything more precious than when a guy sees you pull off your top for the first time. The slack-jawed look when he realizes my tits are way bigger than he imagined. When he gets to feel them through my bra, feel how plump they are, how hard my nipples are. When he pulls each breast out of their cage, realizing each is too big for his hand. When he caresses nipples bigger than his finger. When he buries his face in my tits. When I undo his zipper and surround his cock with my tits. When he cums my tits and admires a job well done.
A foray into porn
Posted:Apr 3, 2020 6:54 am
Last Updated:Apr 12, 2020 7:09 am
Going through my porn library to keep me sane this days takes me to about two years ago...

My friend and I went to a party, the food was good and the company was a bunch of like-minded pervs. After some wine, weed and about 100 complements of my halter top (barely covering my tits) I started making out with a few of the other guys, with my friend had no issues with whatsoever.

Apparently the owner of the house was a filmmaker of some sort, because he suggested I would be fabulous in a porno. After some egging on, my friend and I went inside. After agreeing that I would get the master and no one would be using their phones we went to his studio, which had all the professional lighting and a few cameras set up. The owner of the house got me a chair, and began interviewing me: After a few minutes my friend entered and began caressing my hair, while playing with my tits through my top (my nipples at this point are almost ripping through my bra and top). The camera asks if I would take my top off, which I happily oblige. My friend is caressing my tits, then pulls them out of the bra, and pulls my hair into a ponytail.

I then unzip him and take his cock in my hand, first massaging it on my tits, then titfucking him, licking his cock . Then I take him deep, making sure to look at the camera as he his guiding my head up and down his cock. I have both hands on his shaft as I suck on his balls, my thumb teasing the tip of his cock.

Next he tossed me on the bed, ripping off my jeans and panties, there is already a puddle underneath me (I wasn't really a squirter before). He expertly put his hand and tongue to work, fisting me while his tongue drove my clit crazy. He also does this trick where his pinches my clit just as my orgasm starts, which sends me into overdrive-a good long intense orgasm!.

I am still recovering when he lays me back, puts clamps on my nipples, raises my legs up and ties my ankles together. He then begins to fuck me, forcing me into a V position, as the weight of my tits and the bouncing pull on the clamps. All this is almost too much. He then puts me on him reverse-cowgirl, slowly sliding his cock in my now purple pussy. As he his kissing me, he his raising me up and down with just his hands (no mean feat for a big girl!). He then pulls the chain up, all the strain on my nipples is going right to my clit.

After a water break, I got on all fours, camera right in my face as my tits dangled as he fucked me from behind while flogging my ass good. He yanked on my ponytail to give the camera a good look at my tits as he slapped them.

Now he was ready, I kneeled obediently, and took his cock between my tits with some help from my mouth he was soon cumming all over my face. I let it drip onto my tits, which I hungrily lapped up.

Then camera just lingered on my smile a bit longer.
Springtime memories
Posted:Mar 31, 2020 6:25 am
Last Updated:Apr 3, 2020 10:41 am
While being cooped and going insane, I though of one date that brought spring mind.

The guy I was meeting asked that we meet near the wineries Long Island, a touch out of my preferred area, but it was a beautiful day so I didn’t mind. As per my usual, we met for coffee (cheap, public, easy to ditch if things don’t feel right). The chemistry was there and before long we are making out in his car. Now my usual next step is either a secluded spot to fuck in the car or a motel. He asked is we could go for a walk in a nearby park. I’m getting disappointed, but agreed.

We found a nice bench overlooking the Sound when I realize is hand is my dress and fingering -about time! I climb his lap, kissing him while he pulls my tits out from my dress. I then slide down, undo his zipper and begin enjoying his cock. He then hikes my dress and fucks ne from behind, only then do I realize that any boaters on the water are getting a great show, but I don’t care. When I start riding him, he bites my nipples, pulling on my tits, and I am overcome with a massive orgasm.

I then need limp the car, take note of my well-fucked appearance, head my gym shower and change back mom-mode:
I kissed a girl and I liked it
Posted:Mar 30, 2020 2:48 pm
Last Updated:Apr 3, 2020 7:03 am

One time a couple of year ago a playmate took me to a swing party. I was mildly freaked out to find a girlfriend I knew through the ' school. After a scene I had with my friend, she took me into another room and told me she was always crushing on my tits, and imagined what it would be like to play with them. Seeing me fuck drove that into overdrive. After a little weed we were kissing and playing with each other. Soon she was going down on me, and I had never cum like that from oral. She then climbed on top of me, one hand plugging me with a dildo, the other working my nipples.

When my playmate found me, he pulled me on top of him, and then she pulled out her strap on and fucked my ass. We then finished by both going down on him.

This was going to be the start of a beautiful friendship

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