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Cover Page
Posted:Oct 21, 2019 6:19 pm
Last Updated:Jan 26, 2020 8:53 am
I figured every story needs a cover page so this one is mine. Thank you for stopping by to check my blog. Welcome.

Feel free to leave a private message for me here.

Enjoy your stay.

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Pre-Holiday Holiday Party - Chapter 1
Posted:Oct 26, 2019 8:04 am
Last Updated:Oct 27, 2019 7:11 am

The Pre-Holiday Holiday Party. Is that what you call it, really? Whatever. I thought it was bad when I first saw Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. Oh Yeah! Newsflash ….Film on the Evening News. And now you see them out before Halloween. I mean don’t get me wrong. Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday once past the age of and I stopped getting ’s clothes from distant relatives that were 2 sizes to small for me. It was always a 4 day weekend, tons of food and football. I ask you what could be better as a , besides that…..lol. And now it has evolved to how do we cut fun down to the bare bones in an effort to spend as little as we can to tell employees thanks for busting your ass this past year. The holiday party is in October.

Little did I know as I entered the bar for a cocktail across the street from the Pre-Holiday Holiday Party, just what a different twist the holiday season would have in store. The bar was U-shaped but open in the middle unlike other places that would have liquor stacked so as you couldn’t see the other side. There were a half-dozen hi-top tables right in front when you first walked through the door. Once you got passed the bar there two pool tables and dart board and then the back of the place opened up slightly with large booths built into the wall, small dance floor and stage.

I walked past the length of the bar on the opposite side of the door since the one side was occupied and I really wasn’t in the mood to sit and chit-chat. The bartender finished pulling a pitcher of beer from the tap and made her way over to “my-side”. There was an electronic jukebox that I’m sure was being controlled from someone other than inside the establishment on the latest app. It was a song that I honestly had no idea who sang but it had a good beat and you could dance to it I thought to myself, giggling at images of Dick Clark and American Bandstand. That was what you wanted to watch on a shitty Saturday afternoon when you couldn’t go outside and do whatever it is you could do because there really wasn’t anything else to do. And the girls on American Bandstand definitely was the cause for longer showers you would take before going out to dinner with your parents later that evening.

I had just taken a sip of my Manhattan when in she walked. Not only did I notice but both bartenders and what appeared to be the manager that was on her way to a back office glanced at her also. And the other gents across from me each turned their heads to gaze as she strolled . Not a minute later, another patron walked in and passed me to the far end of the bar and sat down at the corner facing the front door.

I can hear the bartender ask what he liked as he gave her two orders. Aha, that explains the other that just marched in. She walked out of the bathroom as if on cue and plopped herself down in the barstool next to his right at the corner of the bar. I decided not to eavesdrop and just enjoy the drink and go through the obligatory end of the day check on the phone. But it was difficult even with the distance apart at the bar. That and her tight leggings accentuated the shape of her legs and with the boots on….Man, she was HOT! And I would have given 2 to 1 odds that she was left-handed because it was apparent her arm was moving slightly and it wasn’t because there was a drink in her hand. The smile and smirk on his face spoke volumes.

I did continue to sift through mindless bullshit in the inbox and made a few notes to myself as I drained what was left of my drink and waved to the bartender, along with a smile. She came over to collect the glass and give me a new one but told her not to bother there was still whiskey in that, to which she smiled and replied, don’t want that to go to waste now do you.

As she walked away, I told her that she can put a chip in front of each at the end of the bar for another round. They didn’t look like they were in a hurry and were more than entertaining at this point. I couldn’t but smile as she walked away. I may exhibit kind gestures to perfect strangers but a drink was typically not one of them. Not in this manner anyway. It had a different vibe to it and for whatever reason the mood struck and I did. She came back with my drink and another chip in her hand. Next one is on him she said. I looked at the end of the bar and raised my glass to them both.

“Much appreciated, here’s to cheap-ass office budgets and a pre-holiday holiday party.”

“Cheers.” They said in unison and we all took a healthy swallow. “You have an office party too?” He replied.

“Across the street.” I said.

“No Shit. We do too. It’s a nice place. Lots of room and dark corners to get in to trouble, if that’s your thing.”

The smile that crossed his face left no doubt that he spoke from experience for both of them.

“As luck would have it, that is sort of my thing too. Sometimes with a capital T.” As I raised my glass and drained what was left in the tumbler.

The bartender was obviously entertained the conversation from her smile as she grabbed my glass to pour another.
Close Your Eyes And Wait
Posted:Oct 25, 2019 9:00 am
Last Updated:Dec 18, 2019 12:19 pm
I adore sensation play and the ability to heighten ones senses while taking away another. Amazing how the brain adjusts and adapts in these situations.
Posted:Oct 20, 2019 10:55 am
Last Updated:Oct 25, 2019 7:51 am
Thought I would make an addition of words and phrases and sayings and images that inspire thoughts, imagination and creativity[.t
Restless Night
Posted:Oct 19, 2019 9:09 am
Last Updated:Oct 20, 2019 10:36 am

There are times when I just can’t sleep for various reasons. Sometimes it is work related and the stress associated with my job and producing numbers. Other times I think it is a function of just getting older and the associated aches and pains that produce tossing and turning. Last night it was neither of these circumstances that had me awake.

My mind was racing with deliciously wicked and naughty thoughts of her. It started with a story that had come to mind and the fact that she was the inspiration for it. It was an uncontrollable lust for her and the desire to let my body follow my mind. I was also aware that she was up to something deliciously wicked and it had me turned on like nobody’s belief.

Sometimes it just hints and glimpses that can stir my mind and I’m left to imagination and other times it can be explicit details that leave me just shaking my head. Whatever end of the spectrum there remains one thing that is consistent, MY MIND IS AROUSED!

I was soft but not for long as I pushed the sheets down below my waist. I was wearing gym shorts and let my hand rub my cock through the cotton fabric. I started to twitch and could feel myself come to life. My hand went below my waistband and I grabbed the head as I started to squeeze and pump myself. I was getting harder and could feel the heat from my cock in my fingertips as I continued to work myself solid. I was hard now with the need to just fucking cum. I stroked myself with my right hand while my left moved between my ass cheeks. I started to press on my ass with my forefinger. I was pushing against the opening but not penetrating, just teasing as I worked myself over.

I could feel the pressure mount inside of me as my hand moved in a circular motion. I worked up and down my length from the tip of my cock down to the base and my swollen balls. I watched my cock begin to twitch as the moonlight filtered through the window. I pressed against my ass with two fingers and pounded my cock into my fist. My hips were lifting up from the mattress. I was on the edge and ready to fucking explode. I grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed as hard as I could until the pressure was overwhelming. Then I released my grip and felt the stream of cum shoot from the shaft and land all the way up on my chest. The second stream didn’t quite make it as far as the first and landed on my abdomen. I proceed to milk my cock until spent while the last of my load dripped down over the fingers of my right hand and down my cock. I could feel the warm stickiness all over my chest.

I stayed there motionless for 15 minutes. Going back to sleep was pointless. I didn’t want rest. I WANTED HER!
Roadside Assistance - Final Chapter
Posted:Oct 15, 2019 2:01 pm
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2019 11:27 am

It was cold. Especially chilly given that her ass was now a very nice shade of dark pink and turning redder with every swat. The size of the plug would not be an issue. It was firmly in place. He admired the red jewel. It would certainly be quite the target. The impact lines from the cane provided an excellent highlight the color emblazoned on her cheeks. He smacked her again with the cane. It was not going anywhere and neither was she until she had been fucked properly.

He stepped away briefly and then back once again. This time he stood before her. Her head was bowed and he grabbed the back of her neck and pulled it up by her hair. His hard cock inside his jeans pressed against her face. He moved her head so that her face circled him, then up and down the length of his shaft from the tip of his cock all the way down to his balls.

She thought about his length and what that would feel like as it plunged deep inside her. Here she was getting wetter by the minute and no longer questioning her arousal but giving in to it. She had begun to just let herself be in the moment. No thoughts. Just letting go and sensing the feelings and enjoying the sensation. She wasn’t the least bit terrified for her life. In fact, she felt alive. All cylinders firing.

He grabbed her chin and lifted her face higher then grabbed the collar of her shirt in each hand and completely ripped it open. He pulled it back off her shoulder making constraints that held her in place that much tighter as her muscles stretched. If that act hadn’t brought her back to reality, pushing down her bra and securing the icy cold nipple clamps did. The pain was intense to her and she let out a small yelp.

Another smack on her ass with the cane this time landing across the lines previously made before. It sent her body in motion and the weights tied and swinging from the clamps created more pain and distraction that somehow felt pleasurable to her. She hadn’t even noticed that he walked around her again. She felt his crotch press into the jewel that shined in her ass.
He heard as she let out a soft moan, almost purring at this point despite the displeasure swinging from her tits. The mixture of pain and pleasure being provided by this complete stranger was so incredibly intense. She felt herself starting to drip and wondered if he would be able to see her arousal in the dimly lit barn. For her, it was still black as her eyes continued to be shut underneath the blindfold.

He didn’t need to see her arousal. He placed his hand over her pussy and pressed into her and squeezed firmly. It wasn’t a caress and he didn’t insert his fingers into her. He grabbed it and squeezed it like you might a grapefruit to check the ripeness. It made her wince but again the sensation was mixed with pleasure and pain.

He stepped back to admire the beauty before him. She looked spectacular. And to think just how aroused she was surprised him but didn’t shock him. He could feel the heat building inside of him. It had been ignited before he stopped alongside her and had grown into an inferno. He smacked her ass again with his bare hand. The sting sent a bolt of electricity directly from his palm to his coc He struck again. Just the side of the jewel with each blow. Then again making sure get as close as possible the red target without making contact. This needed stay in her when he fucked her. He wanted be able feel it glide along the top of his cock as he slammed himself deep inside of that wet fucking hole.

Another swat. Then another. He had lost count and his hand was now red from the blows.

He stepped behind her and pulled his cock from his pants. It was rock solid as he positioned his cock just below the jewel behind her and pushed himself deep inside. Her pussy soaked his cock and he could smell her sex fill his nose. He drove himself deep until he could feel her dampness against his balls. He withdraw fast and then proceeded to pound her pussy. Over and over and over again. It was a need to get off. She drove him to this hunger and desire. It was a fucking need he felt as he pummeled her pussy mercilessly. While the impacts before were meant to leave marks and impressions but not to injure greatly, he went at her pussy with a vengeance meant to destroy. He felt her trying to match his thrusts. There were no whimpers or cries. Her moans drove his fury until he couldn’t hold back any longer and let out a loud growl as he filled her full. His cock throbbing inside her he held himself deep and still as she pressed onto him.

The barn filled with the scent of their sex. He withdrew and put his cock back into his jeans. He watched as the juices dripped out of her and began to puddle on the bench she had been secured. The rain continued to fall but the height of the storm had passed as the thunder could only be heard off in the distance.

They were both brought back to reality when the phone rang. He walked over to answer and that’s when she was able to put it somewhat altogether as she heard one-side of the conversation.

“Hi Jane. He said he will have your car back here in about 30 minutes. I’ll get some clothes for you to change into before he gets here. Dinner should be ready in about an hour. The two of you are staying here tonight.”
Roadside Assistance - Chapter 4
Posted:Oct 11, 2019 1:21 pm
Last Updated:Oct 12, 2019 5:00 am

He could feel the combination of need, want, lust and desire build within him. It was every bit as electrifying as the thunderstorm that raged outside the barn. He watched the rain come down in the background as he admired her sillouhette. The wind began to howl louder as lightning flashed across the dark sky.

He walked to the front of the bench and grabbed her the back of the head and lifted it toward him. Her face was level with his crotch. He looked down and stared into her eyes. He didn’t see any terror, quite the contrary, it was a hunger he felt from her. Maybe she was feeding off of his appetite for her or perhaps she was just feeling of completeness in her vulnerability.

Another crack of lightning lit the sky followed quickly the crash of thunder. The storm outside strengthening as the wind began to howl creating a whistling sound as it blew within the barn.

His fury grew as well. With her blindfolded she relied on her other senses to maintain a certain balance within herself. She heard his footsteps faintly due to the pounding of the rain. He was walking away from her and then she no longer heard them creak across the floor.

The seconds seemed like minutes. All she heard now was the storm raging, along with her heartbeat that seemed to be caught in her throat. She also felt the sting from his blows across her warm ass. The cool air was a nice contrast to the warmth she felt in both cheeks. She wondered just how red she might be. She thought she heard footsteps again, getting closer which brought her attention back to the situation at hand.

He was behind her again smacking something in the palm of his hand but she had no idea what it might be. She assumed it was another implement to strike her with but thought he wouldn’t have had to leave to retrieve that. She knew there were many that were readily available because she saw them before she was blindfolded. However, what she thought she liked best was his hands. They were big and she liked the way he grabbed and touched her intentionally.

His mind must have been reading hers because at that very moment she felt the palm on his hand come down on her ass again. This time the swat sound she heard was her ass. Then another and another and another. The stinging sensation had returned with a force. He swatted again and again. Her ass was burning now but she didn’t make a peep. She succumbed to it as she lost count to the of times she was struck.

He walked away and rubbed his hand as he admired her sweet round crimson ass facing him. With his hand still stinging he took a step forward and placed it between her thighs. She was drenched. He pressed his fingers against her clit and pinched firmly between his thumb and forefinger. This made her yelp just a bit. A smile crossed his face as he brought the fingers to his lips so he could smell and taste her. He loved that musky scent and her pussy tasted ever-so-sweet. He looked forward to having her aroma cover his stiff cock. But that would have to wait.

He turned and walked away but came back quickly. That’s when she felt the very cold drizzle of oil against her warm ass. She twitched a bit from the coldness. Goosebumps rose on the back of her thighs as the oil continued to drizzle between her ass cheeks. His fingers found her again and he brought them back gliding them deliberately and pressing against her. She heard the smack again as whatever object he had before was back in his hand again. Her mind was swirling.

Suddenly she felt the ice cold object against her opening that was inserted and seated inside her.
Roadside Assistance - Chapter 3
Posted:Oct 6, 2019 5:49 am
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2019 6:56 am

He was already hard for her. That happened a long damn time ago. Well before the rain started to descend. His cock was pressed up against his belt straining for release. This would happen soon enough but not before she begged him to do the .

He twitched the cane delicately over her wet swollen clit once again. It was lovely watching her as he twitched just the . He slid the tip of the cane inside her wet pussy. She quivered. He delighted in knowing that.

He brought the tip of it close to his face and pinched the end with his left thumb and forefinger, stickiness. Undeniably wet.

“It would appear that the actions that lead up to you being bent over, tied down and fully exposed has caused for some arousal. If this hasn’t happened to you already then you have certainly fantasized about such things otherwise your pussy wouldn’t be dripping now would it young lady.”

He approached close behind her and lifted her skirt above her ass so she was completely exposed to him.

“Do you feel that cock! Feel just how fucking hard I am right now and we haven’t even fucking started yet.”

He continued to grind his crotch into her ass. Up and Down her crack. She could feel his length all the way up to his belt buckle as it scratched lightly against her lower back with each stroke. There was no doubt she was soaked.

He reached in front of her and brought his two fingers to her and shoved them inside of her, deeply. He heard her gasp as he pressed them in farther then quickly taking them out and shoving them into her mouth. Her lips and tongue were warm to the touch.

She didn’t bite down on his fingers. She most certainly could have had she wanted. He felt her suck on them. Her tongued danced around both fingers as she savored her taste off of him. He could feel himself wanting to roar.

He stepped back away from her and landed the first swat across her ass. She screamed. But nobody was going to hear her as the storm raged out just feet beyond them. He took aim on the other ass cheek with this blow of equal impact across her ass. This time it wasn’t met with a scream but more of a yelp.

He could see the redness as the blood raced to the surface. It was a blow hard enough to sting but probably not leave much of a mark although he had no idea of how easily she bruised. But he was going to find out shortly.

Another blow, harder this time across both cheeks followed by a slightly louder yelp. Another one quickly followed while the sting was still present. And then a third that was followed by more of a whimper. He stood back and admires his skill. Three parallel lines about an inch apart beginning with the lowest right where the upper thigh meets the ass.

He squeezed her ass hard. He was surprised that she didn’t move forward but rather resisted the pressure he placed on her. Her ass was nicely rounded and firm. He pressed his cock hard against her again and rubbed the length of her ass. Then stepping back and with the two fingers shoved himself inside of her. She was even more wet than before. He was sure of it as all of him plunged completely into her spread wet pussy. He took his fingers and smacked her clit hard with the tips of his two wet fingers. Then did it repeatedly in rapid fashion as she bit her lower lip with her clit beginning to wail. He pressed three fingers inside her now as he began fucking her with his hand. She was wet and swollen and grinding what she could given the constraints into the palm of his hand so it pressed against her with each penetrating thrust.

Her pussy began to clench and he pulled back and struck another blow to her ass right in the middle of the three lines.

She moaned with this swat and let a bit of a growl given how close she was to orgasm. She couldn’t believe how painfully aroused she was and how much she wanted to just be fucked. HARD!

He unbuckled his belt and grabbed it firmly in his left hand. In his right was the cane.

“Do you want me to fuck you young lady?”


Pick a hand, right or left…..

She already knew he was right-handed from his previous swats as well as the fucking she received from his fingers that left her in the crazed state of want.

“Right.” She replied.

At with that a 5th blow marked the back of her thighs.
Roadside Assistance - Chapter 2
Posted:Oct 5, 2019 6:00 am
Last Updated:Oct 6, 2019 5:14 am

The barn was dark and musty. She could feel the wood floor under her feet as she stepped from the Jeep. She was surprised that the floor wasn’t dirt but was glad to know that her heels weren’t getting ruined. It took her a moment for her eyes to adjust. As they did that is when she felt a firm hand on her wrist that proceeded to grab her arm and pin it behind her back. He then grabbed the other wrist and pinned this behind her as well. In an instant she felt the cold metal clamped down around both wrists and realized that she wasn’t going anywhere. She tried to kick at him but it was useless. His strength and weight overpowered her. It was obvious that he was very adept at what he was doing. Her mind was spinning out of control. She tried to cry and yell and scream for help but to no avail.

“That is going to do you no damn good,” he told her. “Nobody is going to hear your cries for help. You’re mine.”

He grabbed her and pushed her toward the middle of the room. Her eyes were beginning to focus but her mind raced as she saw herself being led toward a wood cross and bench, both of which were bolted to the floor. That explained the reason for the planks.

She tried to break free from his clutch once again but it was useless. His fingers were digging into her forearms while the arm was wrapped around her chest with a hand on her throat. She could feel his hot breath on the back of her neck as he positioned her in front of the bench. She looked at the apparatus. It was long with padded leather across the top and a small ledge on either side.

He kicked her legs apart with his right foot and pushed her down so she was bent over the bench. His weight on her prevented any movements. In an instant he released his pressure on her back and expertly shackled her right ankle to the leg of the bench and then the left. Anchored to the bench, he stepped back to admire his handiwork. She looked absolutely gorgeous in this light and position. Her skirt had lifted up her thighs just a bit which exposed more of her stocking covered thighs. It was apparent they were just thigh highs. Something he was unaware of until now. He was positive when he ran his hand up her thigh and under her skirt he wouldn’t find panties. That caused him to smile and for his cock to stir in his jeans.

She tried to lift herself to a standing position and that is when she felt a very firm and directed smack on her ass. The sound of it reverberated through the high ceilings of the barn. He liked the acoustics of that as it almost echoed and could feel his cock begin to get even harder as it continued to grow.

“Don’t you move until I tell you to do so. You are mine. Is that understood?”

She didn’t say a word but just nodded her head in agreement. The manner and tone of his voice sent a shock between her thighs. She was frightened and excited at the same time as her pussy started to get wet. It was a fantasy she had swirling around in her head for as long as she could remember. It was a fantasy that involved being a prey and at the mercy of a predator. A deep-seeded fantasy that had been the catalyst for all kinds of nasty thoughts that raced through her mind when she was alone and pleasuring herself. Now it was a reality and coming to fruition.

She hadn’t seen the apparatus at the club and dungeon she had been to but there was a cross like the one she could see out of the corner of her eye. She was absolutely mesmerized to see the woman bound to it as her Dom pelted and swatted her naked body. She was amazed at the reaction it had caused when she was witness to the marks received and remembered how the woman wore them proudly throughout the evening. Her panties were absolutely drenched that night. But this was different. She was not in a club’s dungeon nor was she at some friends “welcome to our new basement that we converted”. She found herself out in the middle of nowhere in a barn during a torrential storm at the mercy of a man she just met.

Bound. Helpless. Vulnerable.

It was right then that she felt the first sting across her ass. It was a very firm attention-getter. No longer was she thinking about the trip to the local dungeon as another smack was delivered to the other ass cheek. She squirmed with this second smack. One, because it didn’t come as a surprise like the first and secondly it was a much harder blow.

She wondered when the third blow would be delivered when she heard him walk around in front of her toward the work bench. He was grabbing for something on the wall but she couldn’t see it until he turned around. It was a cane. A thin black cane that was maybe the diameter of a pencil with a handle at one end that he held tightly in his hand.

The rain continued to fall as another bolt of lightning lit the sky followed closely by the roar of thunder that seemed to roll through the clouds as the sound moved farther away. She watched him walk back around her and took in a big breath in anticipation. But there wasn’t a blow surprisingly. She felt the tip of it running up and down her inner thighs. Each time moving a little bit higher and higher up her leg. She realized that she liked the feel of it on her bare skin as it crossed over the elastic of her thigh highs. She also realized that as he got closer to her pussy it was becoming more and more wet. She was fucking aroused and he was going to know it. She felt the cane rub against her swollen clit and let out a soft moan.
Roadside Assistance
Posted:Sep 29, 2019 8:33 am
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2019 1:41 pm

He slowed his vehicle and turned on the hazards as he pulled up behind the black sedan. He hadn’t seen a car pass for the last 20 miles. There really was no business to be on the roads with the approaching storm. It was dark and going to be nasty according to forecasts.

He could see her shoulder length brown hair as he walked up to the driver side window. Lowering the window halfway she turned and brushed the hair out of her face.

“The car is making this awful sound and I think I may have driven over something because the front tire looks low.” She almost whimpered. She was obviously flustered.

“Why don’t we take a look under the hood?” he replied.

As he turned and walked toward the front of the car she popped the hood from her seat. He glanced at both front tires and neither appeared to be losing air. The passenger side tire could be mistaken to be low because of the angle of the car parked off the shoulder of the road. However, he wasn’t about to tell her this.

He opened the hood and immediately saw the culprit. It was a frayed hose easily repaired if you have the right part.

“Take a peek, here’s the problem.”

She got out of the Jeep and that’s when he got the first full glimpse of her. She was absolutely captivating and exuding sexuality. She was wearing a silky white top that barely was covering her ample cleavage, black leather skirt, black stockings and heels. She caught his glance and returned it with a smile of her own.

“Do you think you can fix it?” She asked nervously. “I’m expected in minutes and want to try and get there before this storm hits. My cell phone out here is terrible and I haven’t been able to get a signal to call and get in touch with my friends. I’m suppose to go with them to an, umm, event.”

“I’ll promise to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. I’ve got a garage in my barn and have a replacement part that should get you to where you need to go. You can use my land-line to call your friends. Let them know that you’ll be about an hour late. Why don’t you ride back with me rather than stay out here in the middle of nowhere.”

“That would be absolutely terrific if you could do that for me.”

“It’s the least I can do for you. You need to get somewhere before this storm hits. My place is about 10 minutes up the road. I’ll pull the truck up so you don’t have to get those heels dirty. We want you pretty for your event.”

It was the way in which he said “EVENT” that captured her attention. She wasn’t sure if he was aware of what she possibly meant due to the smirk on his face or if he was just a horny old man that doesn’t get any action out here much less the chance to see someone dressed like this out in the country. Either way it made her pussy twitch slightly as she sat down in the passenger seat of his Jeep.

He maintained his composure for the 8 minutes it took to get to his place. He pulled up to the barn just as the first few raindrops started to hit the windshield. He got out quickly and unlocked the barn door then got back into the Jeep and pulled in.

He parked just inside the barn door, jumped out and ran around to open the car door for her. He admired her fantastic legs as she slid out of the truck. She wasn’t accustomed to the height of the vehicle or the uneven footing of the barn floor and tripped as she exited slightly falling against him as he caught her. She felt his muscled chest and arms as her hands reached out to brace her fall. Suddenly a flash of lightning lit up the sky followed a very heavy clap of thunder. She could feel her heart pumping harder as the twitch between her legs seemed to grow as she thanked him for all his so far. Another bolt of lightning and roar of thunder, the storm was approaching fast and her sixth sense told her she wasn’t going to be on the road in the next hour.
Waiting At The Bar
Posted:Sep 26, 2019 4:54 pm
Last Updated:Oct 1, 2019 7:21 am

It is palpable. I can feel the energy as it courses through my veins, igniting a heat that burns internally and fires a passion within that stirs and heightens all my senses. It fuels the flames inside of me that sets me ablaze with what seems like no way to douse the inferno.

It’s a combination of elements that if I wanted to I could sit back and contemplate the rhyme and reason for it all. But I don’t want to do that at the moment. I don’t want to sit back and consider the “why” of it all.


What I want to do is pounce. Like a panther stalking a prey from above in the black of night. Patiently waiting for you to cross down the path so that when the moment arrives I am ready to take flight and leap. Bringing you down to your knees and imposing my will upon you rendering you helpless to the lust and want you feel.

I want to see the willingness in your eyes as I look deep and see a true self and the need to express yourself as such.

I want to feel your need and want and lust and desire with no limits or boundaries. A true expression of who you are.

I want to hear your cries and moans of pleasure as my hands run the course of your curves and my body envelops yours.

I want to smell your scent. Not just the musky scent of you as I bury my fingers deep inside and bring them to your mouth to taste your sex and then share it with me from your lips, but your hair and your skin as I caress you deliberately and with purpose..

I want to press you back against the wall and taste the desire in your mouth as I try to satisfy the hunger that has built inside of me.

And here I sit waiting in this bar for you…….HARD!

I am starving with an insatiable hunger and the only thing that I crave right now is YOU!
Road Map
Posted:Sep 15, 2019 8:55 am
Last Updated:Oct 21, 2019 12:24 pm

watching from a distance yet somehow seemingly close
there is a beauty and rhythm to the movement
cautious and calculating but not unemotionally
controlled and precise at times both rigid and strong
conversely there is a delicateness so elegant and fragile
No pretense just genuineness and honesty
and to the watchful eye completely carefree
an exuberance that can become infectious
coupled with a powerful sexuality that is explosive
along with a beauty that is wonderfully intoxicating
the various facets intriguing and captivating
sometimes playing one off of the other
always leading to a fascinating continuance
not knowing where the path might lead
but realizing the journey is the most important part
enjoying the sharing of the experiences as they unfold
although sometimes it isn’t so much the unknown
it can also be a directed path to discovery
which in and of itself is a mystery
and all that more intriguing once experienced
especially when it leaves one wanting and desiring more
Thoughts of an Unwashed Cleansing
Posted:Sep 12, 2019 6:11 pm
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I stepped into the bathroom and turned on the shower. The workout in the morning released endorphins that seemed to be racing through my body. But also pushing their speed through my veins was thoughts of her. Wonderfully dirty, nasty, sexy and filthy thoughts filled my head.

I could actually feel the heat course through my body and the ultimate destination was between my legs. There seemed to be an Autobahn that connected my brain to my cock and there was no stopping or slowing down the process as the blood had me engorged.

The steam began to fog the mirror as I stripped off my clothes. I stood there and looked at my reflection in the glass wearing nothing more than grey boxer briefs. I could see a small dark circle near the waistband. The result was precum oozing from the head of my cock. I pulled off my briefs and tossed them in the hamper then turned and stepped into the shower.

The warm water was invigorating as it hit the top of my head and cascaded down my body. I grabbed a bar of soap and began to lather it up in my hands. I turned my back to the shower and brought both soap filled hands directly to my shaft. I could feel the heat radiate into my palms as I wrapped my hands around me. I began working my shaft with my right hand while my left squeezed my balls. I watched as I got harder and harder and thicker and thicker. I then brought both hands to my cock and moved my hips as I pounded my cock with one hand while working circles around the head with the other. I pictured you in the shower there with me. On your knees as my hands grabbed your head firmly and fucked your face. Watching my dick disappear past your sweet lips and into your mouth until I could feel the back of your throat. The vision of this in my head had me in a frenzy for release.

I could feel the pressure build. As much as I wanted the release I wanted to wait before letting myself go. I turned my chest toward the shower head and watched as the water rinsed me clean. I gazed at the lather running over my fingers and down my legs into the drain of the shower. I turned again and milked my cock so as to strangle it as I squeezed the precum from the head of my thick shaft. I gathered the small pool of cum on my finger and brought it to my mouth. I licked the milky white fluid from my finger. I thought about tasting my seed from your tongue as you finished milking my cock with your mouth.

I finished washing myself and in the time my cock barely decreased in size from when I started. I wanted to cum HARD and was focused on doing so. I grabbed the bar of soap and lathered myself up once again. This time I was intent on finishing what I started. I worked myself hard with my left hand as my right started to lather up my balls again. I could feel the pressure mounting and wanted to release. I let go of my balls and moved my hand to play with my asshole. I teased the tight opening with my fingers as I stroked harder with my other hand thrusting my cock into my strong grip.

I thought about your mouth on me and your finger inside of me as I continued to fuck my fist. I fantasized about you tracing circles around my asshole and applying just the right amount of pressure before pressing your finger slowly inside of me, fucking me.

I pushed my index finger in my ass and continued to furiously pound my solid shaft. My finger teased my ass I moved my finger in and out of my tight hole. My release was imminent as I pummeled my dick while thrusting my cock into my tight grip just as I want your slippery wet cunt. My eyes closed momentarily as I envisioned you spread wide apart and my cock fucking your pussy relentlessly as you beg to be pounded and stretched full.

I looked down at my hand and watched my cock twitch and pulsate as I could feel the first stream of hot cum ready to explode from me. I squeezed down on me as hard as I could to prevent the escape. My cock pulsating under my hands as the pressure became too much to contain. A deep moaned escaped from me and I let go as cum shot up toward my chest. Then a second one and then a third sprayed against me as I continued to milk myself empty.

I took the palm of my hand and rubbed the warm fluid across my chest as the water continued to rinse it away. I stayed there for a moment as the water pelted down on me then finished rinsing myself off until all that remained were unwashed thoughts of you.

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