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6/17/2021 7:49 pm

I wasn't concerned about anyone, except maybe Jake because he had lost his mind for Emily,which was understandable, but their energy did merge pretty well together. I'm not sure how I knew that, but I did. They were both smart, and focused on that. Jake had started asking me about something a bit ago but never followed up, and I was curious about it, I thought it was about college but he let it lie and I didn't bring it back up. Being a dad was new to me but I didn't think I had fucked it too badly so far. Well, except that I had sex with his moms, one of whom was is aunt, and both his other aunts had fucked me. OK, maybe I had some things to learn. None of us seemed to mind since it was all isolated. I hoped.

I opened as usual and felt nothing. I had the chairs down, and the tables set. I enjoyed that because I had worked, doing something, my entire life. It was cathartic. I got the water ready, and extra plates, cups, utensils, but didn't make coffee, and walked into the kitchen as Henry was entering the back door.

"Henry, you do know that you can sleep in a little longer, right?" He nodded as he poured a cup of coffee. I flipped the home fries, put bacon on and then put biscuits in the oven. It was 5:15.

"I know but I need to know what's going on? I had a dream and Ella was worried." Henry moved to in charge of the grill as I got fruit out of the cooler to cut for juice. I exhaled, loudly as Chloe and Jake walked in. Chloe immediately asked what was up. Henry and I both looked at her.

"Jake, get something to drink and go sit down. Henry will make you breakfast." He nodded as he was walking out front.


"Yeah dad."

"You feel good about your tests today ?"

"Yeah dad. Em and I are going to ace them. Why?"

"Drop your backpack, tell your gramps what you want for breakfast, and then plant your butt on that stool and listen." Chloe glared at me as Sara, Janey, and Alison walked in and then all took a step bac Henry looked at Chloe, and then at Jake.

"Jake, do what your dad says. Eggs or oatmeal?"

"Oatmeal Henry, thanks."

Chloe glared at both of us. "What is going on? I set the ball in motion but Henry spoke as he made oatmeal. "I don't usually have dreams of your mom, your Grams, Jake, but I did last night." The feeling in the room completely shifted. Janey, Sara, and Alison moved next Chloe and they all instinctively hugged each other. Chloe and I were sharing energetically, instinctively.

"She was happy, because we were happy, and then her smile faded and she looked at worried. I've known our Ella for a long time, as long as can I remember she rarely looked worried. I know her, dream or no dream. She was worried and shared that with me. I wish I had words. I came in early and Daniel started telling me about what happened when y'all walked in." Henry put the oatmeal in a bowl and gave it Jake who fixed it for himself."

"Daniel's right Chloe. Jake is enough now because of who he is we are. Daniel's either the boys father, or he isn't. You'll need decide." She still glared at us as Jake was eating his oatmeal and watching us. Janey stepped up and Chloe glared at her. Janey growled and said, "What the FUCK is going?' We all said unison not use that word. It broke the tension.

I told them what I saw, and felt, and what I thought was coming. Jake was totally confused but Chloe and Sara were on either side of him. Henry finally said, "sorry Jake but there is no easy way to come into this mix, but you were born into it, so it'll likely be easier. We'll all talk about it. He finished his oatmeal and looked at all of us and asked, "Are we OK?" Everyone was silent. I said,

"Yeah Jake, we're good. Go out front and refresh your studies. He smiled, and nodded, as he walked out front. Chloe and Sara came over and hugged me as Henry said.

"There's not much we can do except let everyone know and hope Daniel keeps having his visions, but it's obvious that he's on his way here, and the only person he knows is Alison. I suppose the of you could take an extended trip starting today...."

"Not a chance Henry," they both said. "You don't come here and fuck with our family, period. We deal with Simon anyway we have to, as a family." Chloe and Sara looked at him and said they agreed. Chloe looked at me, and then at Henry.

"You think he is ready to know about this?" Henry was silent for a few moments.

"I wish Ella was here because she has the answers, but she no longer talks with me." All of the girls, including Alison started to cry as I walked out front to talk with Jake. "I think so, and Daniel thinks so, but you should talk with Maggie about it because she seems to know the most. I will say to you four, do you think it's easy being a in your lives?" They were all silent, looking at each other. "Get work! We need open, and leave Jake alone. He has enough process."

The four of them walked out, stunned, and looked at , and Jake, and opened Henry's without saying a word. Jake and I were talking about his tests, and about Em, and her kissing him. He smiled and said,

"I really like her dad. We seemed linked in some odd way....like we know each other." I smiled and said there's a word for that and it applies. It's "gro"

"What does it mean?"

" is and don't worry, we're fine." I know dad. I have all of you watching over ." I kissed is forehead and asked what time he got off. I went into the kitchen and Henry asked how it was out there?

"Jake's fine, but we'll see about the girls? Please make me sausage biscuits."

"If Mags finds out, and she always does, your toast." I smiled because it was obvious I lived on the edge.

"They aren't for and Sam. Bob's rocks are being delivered." Sara walked in, heard that, jumped on my back, and bit on my neck, hard....and sucked. It wasn't long but it hurt. She hopped down, spun around and kissed full mouth.

"You call when they get there. I've already talked with Chloe, and Janes, because I want watch." I nodded. "And don't worry about Chloe, she'll come around. I mean I'm Jake's mom too, like you're his dad. We aren't blood but it's still real, and she knows that love, it's just happening fast for her. You're good at that sort of thing. We are a family first. Janes and I will watch over Alison, and you and Chloe can watch over Jake. Henry can take care of himself." He slapped the spatula down on the grill and said,

"Damn right!"

"It'll be fine love. go say goodbye to them and let Chloe walk you to the truc"

"Who are you?

"I'm Sara, silly, now go, but call when the rocks get there."

I walked out front as Janey and Alison walked up and hugged . "She's fine Daniel."

"Are you sure?" They kissed on my cheeks as Chloe looked at . She wasn't glaring, so that was a good sign. Janey said, "Daniel, this is new for all of us and she didn't want Jake involved, but he kinda his. You and Sara are his mom and dad too, especially to him, but Chloe is his blood. I know it doesn't mean much to us but it's different for her." I was quiet. Thinking.

"It'll be fine but tread lightly, which you do, but attention. I kissed them on the lips as Chloe walked up, smiling.

"Am I interrupting anything?"

"No ma'am. "Would accompany my truc" She put her arm through my arm as we walked outside. I think most of the people that came into Henry's was so they could see what might happen with this clan. I leaned against the door and Chloe leaned into me and kissed me. She was going to say something when I put my finger on her lips and said.

"I'm sorry Love. I should have talked with you first but things because life is moving to quickly and Henry and I reacted. We do think he needs to start understand, but I still over stepped my bounds. I'm sorry sweets."

Chloe put her head on my chest and breathed and then bite me as hard she could, as I grunted, and she wouldn't let go. She kept biting as I took it. She stopped and looked up at me and kissed me.

"Don't you EVER apologize to me for loving us, and being Jake's Dad, even if I disagree. The same applies to Sara. Do you understand me?" I nodded. "Good, mister, we are unusual, but we are a family and none of us has veto power. Understand?" I nodded. "Good. You and Henry are right, Jake needs to start learning that his life is different. I was scared because I didn't know exactly how his life WAS different, but I forgot that I was no longer alone. Are you OK with Sara staying at the shop?"

"No, but it's wise, and she did the right thing, even though it hurt." Chloe started tearing

"Agreed. Do they make a bed that is larger than a king?" I smiled as I kissed her.

'I need to go love. Are we good?" She grabbed my face, kissed me, and nodded. I was getting in the truck when she turned around, smiling.

"Call Sara when the rocks get there."

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6/17/2021 9:03 pm

i have never been hooked into a story like you have me here. twists and turns and trying to keep up with all the meanings. this is an excellent piece of work

dadigan replies on 6/17/2021 10:34 pm:
thanks... I wish fbookhookups.com had better software.

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