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Weekend at old friend's house :)
Posted:Oct 9, 2019 10:17 pm
Last Updated:Oct 25, 2019 9:56 pm

Ohh what a weekend. Spent a couple nights at an old friend's house 's ridiculously hot mom I had a crush on since I was . She's 50 now which makes her somehow even hotter. I knew there would be few chances left like this particular weekend, if any at all, so I had to act. After everybody went to bed I sat up and waited in the kitchen. Knowing she would be coming down soon for a late night glass of wine and a smoke.

I should also note, that leading up to this weekend I had spent a full week watching porn and jerking off, without ever allowing myself to cum. I wanted to be able to get as hard as possible, as big as possible, and shoot as much cum as humanly possible when the opportunity arose.

So I'm standing at the kitchen island pretending to be on my phone and unable to sleep. Though I suppose the unable to sleep part was true at this point. I had on these pajama pants (photos on my page) with no boxers and my cock hanging out. At first she didn't notice and we made small talk, but then when she opened the fridge for her chilled wine the light shone on my hanging cock. She couldn't take her eyes off it. When she finally came to her senses, she took a few huge swigs straight from the bottle before pouring herself a glass and asking what I thought I was doing. At this point, provoked by my own self for what I did the last week, had no filter at all. I didn't even feel human at this point. Just like a primal beast.

So I bluntly asked her if I was bigger than her husband. She said "your flaccid penis is a big as his typical erection". (Not so much as I'm THAT big as much as he's only got like 4 or 4.5 inches apparently, probably why she drinks at night)
At this point she has positing herself on the other side of the island to take a seat and make a meager effort to not keep staring at it. So I walk around and stand right beside her. Without saying a word I guide her hand to it and can't help but notice the shiny rock on her ring finger and she wraps her hand around it. I get hard instantly.

She audibly gasps and puts her own second hand around it, with still a bit left to cover. I tell her how badly I want to fuck her as she slowly strokes it. She says not only would she not cheat on her husband, but he would notice that something that much bigger has been inside her. I tell her she's already gone this far, but still she refuses. Still she strokes my cock in her hands, the shiny rock reflecting the dim background light of the kitchen.

Again, this primal thing takes control, and I guide her out of the stool, pushing her to her knees, and grabbing the back of her head with my right hand. Not too firmly, but definitely not gentle either. Again she protests and pulls her head back. But never releasing my cock from her hands. I tell her she's already got most of it in her hands, a little bit in her mouth won't make a difference. I grab her head again, this time with both hands. She closes her eyes and opens her mouth as I guide her mouth to my cock. As soon as it's in she caves.

She starts sucking my cock like she was a pornstar. "Good girl" I tell her, keeping my right hand on her head and using the left to pry her hands off my cock. She places both her hands on my hips, my left goes to feel her tits, while the right hand starts pulling her head as close to my pelvis as it will get. She pushes me away harder now, gagging audibly. Her throat is possibly the tightest I have ever felt. I barely even got to the back of her mouth. I let her up for just a second for some air. Now this has only gone on for MAYBE 60 seconds and I know I'm gonna cum real quick and need to get the most out of it. So after her gasp for air I push her head even harder, with both hands now, as i thrust forward with my hips. I can literally feel every inch of my cock penetrate her tight throat. I pull my cock out just to the point where my head is in her mouth because I want to fill her mouth with this fountain of cum I've been building. She opens her eyes and looks up at me with a mixture of amazement and disgust as I shoot about 10 THICK ropes of cum directly into her mouth. Honestly, probably even more than that, I was so lost in the moment its not like I was directly counting, but I know how much I cum when I build it up. And it seemed like an eternity passed as my cock just continued throbbing and pumping cum into her unexpecting mouth. And like the good woman I knew she was, she just kept swallowing and swallowing every time I throbbed.

When it was finally done, she kept my still pretty hard cock in her hand as she gasped for air. All she could say in a raspy voice was " what the fuck"? I couldn't help but to laugh and tell her that I know she enjoyed it as much as me. This made her laugh too and she slapped my stomach as if to shame me. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hands, grabbed her glass of wine, a cigarette, and went out the kitchen door to smoke. I went to bed.

The next morning me and my friend were getting ready for a jog when I overheard her say to her husband in a still cracking voice "oh no don't kiss me today I think I caught a cold". And the best smile of my life crept over my face.

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