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A bad afternoon
Posted:Jul 22, 2022 5:38 pm
Last Updated:Sep 30, 2022 5:36 am

I had a incident at the gym today, that was truly an awful encounter. I was on one machine and a guy on a machine next to me. He is elderly and I've seen him at the gym before. The man was staring at me intently like he doesn't know what my gender is. The man was wearing a "Buck Fiden hat". I asked the gentleman if he would remove his hat, It was offensive and disrespectful. Then all hell broke loose.
The man called me a faggot, and I got upset. I yelled at him that he had called me a gender slur, that was a speech, I told him to stop it. The guy challenged me to a fight, He said he would beat the shit out of me and called me a faggot again. This time Ayliah said something to him. He called her a sissy faggot and then he said he would beat the shit out of the the both of us. The guy was probably 80 years old or so.
We were separated by several men and the police were called, I asked for them to be called. I wanted the whole incident to be on record. The cops took me outside and I gave my statement. I told the cops my side of the story. I have no idea what the bigot told the cops. Of course the police officer told me, there was nothing they could do about the bigot, he had every right to wear his hat, since the gym has no policy against such offensive clothing
I Said to the officer, that I was outraged that this bigot called me a faggot, he agreed with me on that.
What bothers me the most about the whole incident, is the lack of common sense in the world. Why do people deliberately wear clothing that offends people in public places. Also what does this say about people who provoke others. I am scared of the conservative right, I am losing faith in humanity. Now I want to move out of Florida as soon as possible.
I have decided to make it my mission to have the gym ban political and offensive clothing. I wish we could have a ban in other public places as well. To conclude my story. one of the police officer asked me, what I would do if the old guy would have hit me. I said I'd go down in a heap and cry. I also said I'm a good actor. Everybody laughed and Ayliah and I left.
Moving Forward Into The Future
Posted:Sep 13, 2021 9:41 am
Last Updated:Sep 14, 2021 9:14 pm

"Let a feeling crack you open"
Here’s the bad news:
You can’t get ‘over’ a feeling.
You can’t get ‘past’ it.
You can’t release it.
You can’t let go of it.
You can’t transform or transmute it.
You can’t even heal it.
All these ideas come from the mind, not the body, not the Heart.
They are all subtle forms of violence, sneaky ways of saying ‘no’ to a feeling, aiming for its disappearance, its death.
We learn to let go of ‘letting go’.
We stop trying to release.
We end the exhausting effort to heal.
Instead, we are present.
We offer a feeling our simple presence.
Our non-resistant attention.
Our love.
Here’s the good news:
In this field of presence the feeling is no longer a problem, an enemy, an aberration, a stain, a block to freedom.
It is no longer ‘something wrong’.
It is no longer ‘negative’.
It is no longer a threat.
It is no longer an unwanted .
You are now its guardian, its protector, its loving parent, its Home.
And held lightly, in a still space of allowing, the feeling stays for a while, or moves on, or returns, or never returns, but either way, you are healed from the need to find healing elsewhere.
You do not heal feelings, you see, they heal you, when you allow them to guide you back to your original Wholeness, your loving nature, your breath, your place on this Earth.

Its All About The Weather
Posted:Jun 1, 2021 5:48 am
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2022 10:14 pm

Be a shinning light in a otherwise dark world.
Be a beacon of hope, even when hope is shrouded by a large bank of fog
Be a umbrella that shield us from the reign of negativity
Be a pillar of strength in the winds of uncertainty
Be a power of force in weathering the change for the better of us all
Stay Safe, Stay Smart, and Love Much❤️❤️❤️❤️
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