All about the numbers  

kwguy4fun10 36M
5 posts
8/13/2019 7:44 pm
All about the numbers

The numbers that you get when you like stuff, or comment on stuff, or get flirted with or tipped.

Those numbers. I'm all about those. Which is why this post exists.

So maybe I can use the IM, and maybe get lucky.

5945 posts
8/13/2019 8:11 pm

. . . maybe . . .

Julieschch 49F

8/13/2019 9:56 pm

Good luck, use them wisely

MyMyMySexy 23M
6 posts
8/13/2019 10:54 pm

I like this guy. He gets why I comment.

platinum_gigolo 48M  
5 posts
8/13/2019 11:18 pm

You said it. lol

enak500 55M
24 posts
8/13/2019 11:34 pm

yes definetly a good ploy , unfortunately the points we get are finite .
Enjoy them while they last

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