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Share your SUPER BOWL plans, Any plans?
Posted:Feb 3, 2016 5:15 pm
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2016 7:15 pm
What are your super bowl plans?

Are you gonna stay in and watch it at home alone or with a friend or friends?

Are you going to a friend house or a sport bar?

Any appetizers or food that you are planning on having?

Personally, I will be staying home, I am going to watch it in here with my bf and my male roommate, I will be making beef tacos for them. I will make the tacos from scratch, will even make home made tortillas for the tacos, will ask them to pick some chips and drinks. I am not 100% sure if my roommate will be here cause he has his set of friends and is always out with them. will see what he does. but my bf will be here.

I will be rooting for Broncos, I want Manning to win, cause I want him to retired with a championship, the man deserves that, so he can retire on a high . my bf is rooting for the Panthers. It is gonna be fun, cause after the game, I might even ask him to use me as his wide receiver and have his way with me >>!

I think have a FREAKY neighbor that like to be watch or seen naked!!!
Posted:Feb 2, 2016 7:52 pm
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2016 9:57 pm

I think one of my neighbors like to be watch or seen naked, I say this cause I have seen him walking around his unit butt naked, he looks in his early 30's, we face each other unit, even our balcony face each other. we are both in the 3rd floor, the buildings are separate by a parking lot and one way street, he always leaves his blinds wide open, and when seating in my balcony, especially at night time, when he has his lights on in his room and blinds open, I can see him walking around his room completely naked, one time I saw him fucking some girl >>!. so if I can see him, obviously he can see me here too, so I always make sure I closed my bedroom blinds, especially when having sex haha, I have never talk to him or anything. but I am almost positive he knows that I can see him, cause sometimes we are both seating in the balcony and he looks over

I made this blog cause I was just outside in the balcony having a cigarette and there he was walking around in his room but naked, he needs to be spank
Have you ever been caught having SEX? please share your story!!!!
Posted:Feb 2, 2016 6:13 pm
Last Updated:Mar 28, 2016 11:29 am
Have you ever been caught having sex?, if so by who, please share.

I have gotten caught having sex 3 times, ironically I never got caught having sex in public, the 3 times I got caught was in private, well not sure if place of work is consider public or private >>!

One time was at work with a co worker, got caught by a female co worker, she did let the supervisor know, I think she did, thankfully the supervisor was a guy, he was pretty cool, he just said, look, I never saw anything and I dunno anything, there are no cameras here, so if you are ask, nothing happen, play dumb

Another time I was visiting a guy I was dating at the military marine base, his roommate was supposed to be out of town, at least that is what I was told, we got a little drunk earlier, were having sex and his roommate walk-in on us, but he immediately walk back out. but the idiot went to the front desk, to the guard in turn and made the report, what a pussy he was. cause we were not supposed to be having sex there. not sure exactly if it was that, or the fact that I was a TS. but by the time they made it back to check, we already had clothes on and were seating in the bed talking. we denied the whole thing infront of the guy

The next time I got caught, was by his supposed gf or wherever, I say that cause he has told me he had no gf, we went out, then we went back to his place, he invited me in, we were having sex in the top master bedroom, when I heard a female voice, she was coming up, she got to the bedroom door and saw us in bed, she was furious, I don't blame her, I would be too. I was shocked, confused, I had no idea what was going on, she said, what that fuck are you doing in my house, to what I responded, I was invited by him, he said it was his place, by this time I had put on my dress and shoes, when I tried to step out the room, she block the door, I said to her, look, I have no idea who you are, as far as I know he was single, and I suggest you moved and let me out, cause if no, I will make you move, she was hesitant to move, I say, I already explained to you. I have to leave, so I gonna ask you again to please move. she did, but she was right behind me all the way to the main door, once I step out I said to her, by the way, I am a TS. not a natural born female, so you might want to ask about that that as well to your bf, husband or wherever he is to you ..............heck, if the jerk play me that bad, it was my pleasure to throw him under the bus
Poll time all about PUSSY !!!!!!
Posted:Jan 28, 2016 7:58 pm
Last Updated:Feb 3, 2016 8:07 pm

My first poll, here are the questions, you all ready?, let's start the pussy rolling.

How do you like the pussy:

Small pussy with thin lips

Small pussy with fat lips

Big pussy with thin lips

Big Pussy with fat lips

Come on pussy lovers, lets us know what you think

You can vote or you can leave a comment. you can even leave us a picture of your favorite pussy if you like
Small pussy with thin lips
Small pussy with fat lips
Big pussy with thin lips
Big Pussy with fat lips
78 Comments , 204 votes
Damn, I really feel like a housewife sometimes!!!
Posted:Jan 27, 2016 7:40 pm
Last Updated:Mar 28, 2016 11:29 am

I was in the kitchen cooking dinner today, my roommate comes out of his room, He ask me, what are you cooking? I said, Chicken, rice and veggies. he said, do we have salmon? I said yes, He said, are you gonna make grilled salmon, I said no, I just tell you, I am making chicken, cause if no the chicken is going to go bad. lets eat the chicken first. he said ok, seats in the living-room to watch TV while I cook dinner, then says, are you gonna make dessert, no, we don't have anything for dessert. food is ready and set the table, serve his plate, he looks at it, says, looks very good but you gave me too much food, I'm like, heck what do I look like, your wife, made or what, I say, I cook, I clean, I keep everything organized in place, even put your damn shoes away or pick up glasses sometimes that you leave in the living-room. get your own damn food, He laughs and says, of course you are my made, you are Mexican Hahaha, (we always jock like that, he says his gonna vote for trump so trump can deport me Haha), jerk, LOL but I don't mind him, we get alone very very good, he is a great guy and great roommate. he is not cheap. when I ask him that I need money to get groceries cause I'm low, he gives me the money or his credit card haha...but sometimes I feel like a freaking housewife

I see him as if he was my brother, he is very good to me. even when my bf comes in for dinner, I still make sure I cook enough for the 3 of us. and saved his plate of food if his not home
I think these 2 met in, they are kinky!!!
Posted:Jan 26, 2016 5:17 pm
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2016 6:23 pm
She is really enjoying that tongue, what a kinky couple

And I heard that after licking her boobs, he went down to her pussy

I think they met in
My outfit for Valentine's day, what do you all think? opinions please!!!
Posted:Jan 24, 2016 7:30 pm
Last Updated:Apr 5, 2017 11:30 am
So far I have been planning on going out to a very sexy night for Valentine's day. bf doesn't know yet, but I'm going to make a reservation at the restaurant were we first met in person and where we had our first dinner together. I will even try to get the same table. It just happens that we met the 14th of the month, so that night we will be celebrating 8 months to the date. My plan is to give some good sex before, yes, I would definitely say, no cum on my fish-net or shoes please haha. then go have a nice dinner and then drinks and dance, here is the outfit that I have in mind ordering. as you remember, I was asking for some suggestions on what to wear that night, here is what I have in mind, I have not place the order yet, anything can change still, but so far after looking around over and over, I came to the conclusion that this is gonna be the outfit to rock for that night.

What do you think, Yes, No, or Any suggestions?

P.S. I do know that Black heels maybe better for the outfit cause of the black nets, but I like those red shoes. and I do have black already, in case I desire to change last minute. but I am thinking long term, let say during summer, if wanna wear the dress with out the net, the red shoes will go perfect with it.

Please HELP me with this Picture, anyone?
Posted:Jan 22, 2016 7:34 pm
Last Updated:Jan 30, 2016 1:39 pm
This picture is of me and a friend of mine, but it came out a dark, it was night time, I am trying to see how I can fix to make it more clear or two show the regular color but I can't make it happen, anyone out there that can help me fix it? Please

Below is the picture.
Let me put honey on your body, and then LICK it!!!!
Posted:Jan 22, 2016 1:51 pm
Last Updated:Feb 3, 2016 8:12 pm
The snow is coming down as predicted in Virginia, looks cold outside, this weather makes horny Haha, wish my bf was here, I would had dress up as an snow bunny for him, then I would have gotten the room all set up for him, candles, very low deem lights, soothing music, and some porn on the tv with no sound. then lay him down on the bed completely naked, put honey and whip cream over his stomach, then start to lick him all the way down to the hatch, have him hop me like a good snow bunny and even pulling my bunny ears from behind
Happy Fucking Sunday!!!!!!!
Posted:Jan 17, 2016 4:32 pm
Last Updated:Feb 4, 2016 10:34 am
Been happy happy happy......Love my life and myself not matter what

I wish YOU ALL, all the happiness in the world as well, is a beautiful thing!!!

Happy Fucking Sunday to all of you
YES! I am a proud girl Hahaha!!!!
Posted:Jan 17, 2016 12:08 pm
Last Updated:Mar 28, 2016 11:40 am

Last night I went out with my bf to a local restaurant to have dinner, and watch the game between Arizona and Green Bay. Anyhow, after the game he want it to go home cause he need it to get up super early cause he was gonna do the drive from VA to NC today to go watch the NC vs Seattle game, I told him I want it to stay out, that I was gonna go to a little bar/night club up the road to see if some of my friends were there, to not worry about that I was gonna text him when I get home, so he drop off there and went home. well I was there with a few friends, but they were at the smoking section, at some point I moved to the non smoking area by the stage to watch people sing karaoke. I was seating at a table by myself enjoying the music, a guy approached my table and said, Hi, last call is coming soon, would you like another drink? I said, no thanks, then I proceed to say, why you ask, do you work here? he said no, do I look like if I work here and laugh, I apologized and explain that I was just wondering cause he was asking me if I want it another drink before last call. he seem nice so I said you know what, sure, I take that drink, he went to the bar and got it for me, then we talk a little bit, and that is when he said, are you a member of I proudly said yes I am LOL, why, do you know me from there, he said I though I recognized you but I wasn't 100% sure. I have wanted to email you there but never did cause you said you wouldn't talk to people with no face pictures in their profile, but I'm glad I ran in to you either way. complement my looks and dress and we went on to talk a little bit about they were gonna be closing soon, so I had already call a taxi, told him that it was nice seen someone from here but that I had to go, taxi was outside LOl, to please say Hi again if he sees me out Haha

I have to say that this is not the first time I ran in to guys from this site when out, it has happen to me like 4 times before. and I have to say that they were all nice.

Yes, I proudly say I am an girl if ask Hahaha, no shame and no fear here. I am a damn happy person with no insecurities, so I don't care if the whole town knows it, I stand proud, cause all tho I am here, I don't sleep around with just anyone, besides, I feel beautiful, one look at me in person and they should know that I don't need to get laid
My Pictures from New year eve!!!
Posted:Jan 3, 2016 9:36 am
Last Updated:Nov 30, 2017 3:57 pm
It was fun, had a blast, My cleavage and high heeled shoes were getting love and attention from the dudes

Got lots of compliments from men and a few women, people were definitely staring when I walk in, I love it cause that was my goal, I got offer , drinks, and invites for after parties haha


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