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best boyfriend ever
Posted:Aug 21, 2021 8:20 am
Last Updated:Sep 18, 2021 10:54 pm

so my boyfriend read my last post.. and got a little jealous I think so he decided to make it a better experience I think.. . lol

so after we finished chatting and getting high, he took some stuff from his bag and headed to my bedroom. pretty sure it's sex stuff so I let him do what he needs to do. he comes out and takes my hand and tells me to follow him. i had taken the time to put on makeup, do my hair and put on my black teddy (as seen in the pics).

he stopped me by the bed and told me to take off my clothes. he knows that makes me hot. i love to be ordered to remove my clothes. so off they go. i took off the teddy and let it drop to the floor. I pushed the panties down and now I'm naked in front of him. he is fully clothed still. I love that. it's so hot that he looks at me like he will devour me. he then demands that I get on the bed in the middle. he puts cuffs on all limbs.
he tied both my hands together to the headboard and each limb to the corner of the bed with a bungee cord. so hot. they were tight. i couldn't move which was his intention of course. he leaned over and kissed me. softly at first. a little bit of tongue. he knows that drives me crazy. then more tongue. pushing in my mouth. he moved and kissed down my neck. then got off the bed to get our new breast suckers. He proceeded to put them on my nipples. the kind that you crank and it sucks the nipple in. lol turns out that was too painful so went back to my old ones that go around the nipple. makes them stand up and get so hard so the barest touch of them makes me squirm and moan which he absolutely loves. he licked and sucked my breast for so long my hips were moving up and down, alternating back and forth from one breast to another, making me so wet and ready for him.
he moved down. my hips were rocking up and down, hoping to have my pussy filled soon. and he didnt disappoint. he put my toy inside me.. moving it in and out. at the same time still sucking on a nipple. then he reaches for the magic wand and puts that on my clit. making my body quiver and jump. moaning so loud. begging for more. he is relentless. he doesnt stop til ... oops got to go.. finish this later.
Posted:Aug 20, 2021 1:14 pm
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2021 7:13 pm

Walked into his apartment where he met me at the kitchen counter. He immediately got behind me telling me that I had been a bad girl and that he was going to punish me. he pushed my skirt down to the floor. Then my panties. He left my heals, my shirt and bra on. He then shoved me down on the counter with my ass sticking up. spanked me. One slow hard spank at a time. Rubbing the sting away every time. Each spank causing a gasp or a moan from my throat. After about 20 spanks he let his hand wander to my pussy. He rubbed the outside lips and pressed them in against me. Pressing on my throbing clit. Oh I moaned and begged him to touch me. Please . Please touch me where you know I like it. He chuckled and said maybe you wants my big hard cock He spanked me again and again alternating with a finger on my clit and inside me slightly. Enough to make my hips rock on his finger. My pussy greedy for more. Once he spanked me to the point of having a red ass and me whimpering he took me to the bedroom where he proceeded to attach me to the bed, spread eagle.

I couldn't move a muscle. All I could do was watch him. Watch him cup my pussy. Watch him put his mouth on my nipple. He licked and sucked on them alternatively until I was wreathing and wiggling on the bed and breathless. Soo wet it was dripping on the bed.
He then got out a dildo and pressed it up against my clit and turned on the vibrations.. my eyes almost rolled back in my head it was so good. The dildo was then pressed against my opening. Pushed inside one wonderful centimeter at a time. Pulled out to the sound of a wet pussy. Moaning and begging for it again. More. Please fuck me with that more. So he proceeded to do it quicker. The pace is almost frantic now. In and out so fast it was barely there before it was gone. Driving me crazy. He then moved up so his cock was in front of my face and he shoved it in my mouth. Telling me to be good and suck cock the way that I know be likes. to be a good girl. I took him balls deep and sucked on it hard. Soon he was fucking my mouth. He got so hard and started leaking cum in my mouth.

He withdrew his cock and moved down. To settle between my legs. He pushed the dildo in all the way. Roughly. Causing a long ragged moan. He then proceeded to devour my pussy. Be licked. He sucked. He bit. He pounded it with the toy til I exploded in a hard long orgasm rocking my body as best I could I was so completely tied down. I just collapsed after that.

He undid the straps keeping the hand and leg cuffs on. He pulled my ass to the side of the bed where he put my legs up on His chest and be drove his cock inside me over and over again. Lifting my legs up forcing me to squirt all over him and the floor. That warm liquid running down my ass and hitting the floor. He came inside the warm wet pussy filling it with cum.
Thinking about a mmmf
Posted:Mar 1, 2021 1:25 pm
Last Updated:Apr 9, 2021 10:38 am

In moncton after this covid stuff is over..
Would be looking for 2 guys in addition to the bf. Would like relatively fit. For sure taller than me.. and who likes bbw.
Anyway anyone interested let me know.
who has had a mfm and was it good?
Posted:Dec 31, 2020 4:08 pm
Last Updated:Mar 2, 2021 8:00 am

ok so here is my question..

i have had 4 different partners for a mfm and so far.. im not happy with the outcomes..

what is your experience.. maybe im doing something wrong?

i am submissive so maybe i need be more dominant and tell them what do?
ive taken both at once.. they have taken turns.. ive let them tie up. which i loved. lol
yes it was awesome
no never done it
would love to try. hit me up
yes it was ok
yes but it was horrible
no lets get it happening.. lol
yes tell them what to do
no let them do what they want.
let me give you some advise (comment below)
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mfm.. wasnt what i thought it would be.
Posted:Dec 31, 2020 4:02 pm
Last Updated:Sep 18, 2021 10:54 pm

ok so i have had 4 partners now for a mfm..

first guy.. lets call him jeff.. poor bugger came in the condom as he was putting it on.. however before he did that.. i had the strongest orgasm of my life.. mouths on my breast.. both sucking at once.. 2 hands in my vagina.. both doing different things.. and just the fact that it was a 3 way.. was super hot.. but poor jeff couldnt get it up after he came.. and left soon after.. he did try fuck .. but couldnt.

so then there was the second guy.. lets call him Y.. he was a very well endowed gentlemen.. was about inches.. and you better believe i took that.. and enjoyed the bf says.. i took it like a champ. lol no orgasm for though they both enjoyed it..

third guy was from this site.. i had done him by myself previously.. and he was good. we all came.. but we never went bac

fourth guy has been ongoing since august til of course covid orange.. and is currently on hold because he broke a few ribs.. i swear i didnt break him. however it has not yeilded many orgasms either.. its pretty tame.. and frankly boring.. i mean ive been trying get a dp.. but so far no luc. bf is just too big to fit and the other guy has not worked up the courage to enter.. literrally.. i didnt think it would be so hard to get this or to get it good.. i mean once the other guy was fucking me.. and the bf was fucking my mouth and that was hot.. but not the dp i was looking for.. i just want to feel full. i want to cum so hard i forget my own name. i want to feel alive enough for that to happen..

it is so hard to find men that are tall enough first off.. and to find some that are attractive but who like bbw.. or who are in this area and available friday or sat nights.. i just want an ongoing mfm.. he can be straight or bi.. he should be 420 friendly.. he should be cool.. he should be dependable.. and keep going until he gets the job done..
Auditions for fwb
Posted:Jul 9, 2020 11:00 am
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2020 6:58 pm

Holding auditions. Lol
Looking for respect and mutual pleasure.
Looking for someone taller than 5'9.
Who is willing meet in public first.
Who will be a booty call after Sunday friday potentially. In moncton area preferred. Not every night. But lots of them (I may tire you out) not looking for a cuddle friend. Straight shooter and not into bs.

Has to like bbw and of course lots of sex.

A dominant preferred.

Be ok that I'm only looking for fwb
dreaming of mmf
Posted:Aug 25, 2018 2:55 pm
Last Updated:Mar 14, 2020 11:10 pm

Wow what a dream.
We had gone out on a date... all 3 of us. me, my bf#1 and bf#2., Had dinner and watched a movie where there was some groping, some teasing. what can i say.. im a flirt.
Then back to a house where we Sat on the couch one on either side of me. both of my men hot and gorgeous. I started unbuttoning my shirt looking at one and then the other.. until my shirt was totally unbuttoned.. then one of you was kissing my lips. The other nibbling on my neck. Hands moved to cover my breasts .. my hands moved to your thighs... then over to rub your penises through your jeans. your still clothed because i find that hot and sexy. then bf#1 is on his knees in from of me pulling my underwear off while sucking one nipple. pushing my skirt up. bf#2 is rubbing my other nipple and kissing me. sticking his tongue in my mouth. filling it. kissing me passionately

Then my butt is pulled to the edge of the couch and my skirt pushed up and a finger or 2 pushed inside me while my clit is licked and sucked by bf#1. The fingers are moved in and out fast and hard. bf#2 gets up and starts to feed me his cock and I start greedily sucking on that. While squirming and moaning over the pounding of fingers inside my pussy. I start to orgasm and he keeps going. I try to move my hands down to stop him because its intense the pleasure. and bf#2 grab my hands not letting me stop him. he pins them down above my head forcing me to take the fingers inside me, the tougue on me and the cock in my mouth. The tongue on my clit. Him sucking on it. Making me cum again all the while fucking my mouth with the dick. Holding my hands down. The two of you move me to be laying across the couch. the two men change positions. the one that was licking me is now feeding me his cock and the other one of them is laying between my legs.. fucking me. slow, hard, fast, quick, changing it up. Making me moan. Loving the feel of two of you at once. Then you swap out and the other one is fucking me. You both cum in me.. then let me up to breath normally again before you drag me to bed and tie me to the head board. You go to work on my pussy again making me squirt and squirm and whimper. You take turns cumming inside me again. Over and over you fuck me. Even tie my legs apart because I'm squirming so much until your both completely satisfied and we fall asleep with me in the middle and now untied.
surprise and delight
Posted:Mar 27, 2018 7:58 pm
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2020 6:25 pm

so it has been in the works for a while. she wanted to try a mmf and her boyfriend was in total agreement. so they decided on what type of man they were looking for, as she had some things she wanted in the man, like taller than her, attractive, not overly pushy, and he had age restrictions. so after careful consideration, and lots of conversations she chose the man, and he agreed.

so he came over for a bbq, some steak, some salad, some vegetables.. they were sitting at the table.. the 2 men and woman.. all sitting at the table. light conversation. talking about the weather, its the kind of conversation that you can have with people you know, or have known for a while. as they are talking she pushes a napkin off the table and asks man number 2 to pick it up.. as he does.. she spreads her legs so he can see her lacy panties. he is so startled his head hits the underside of the table.

she crosses her legs again.. and he sits up.. smiling at her.

after a few minutes of chatting.. she pushes her fork off the table.. "can you get that for me" so again he bends over to get it.. she uncrosses her legs and as he is looking for it now.. she spreads her legs and pulls her skirt up a little higher.. he gets back up and grins at her again. .

she excuses herself for a minute and goes in the house. when she comes back out she takes her seat. after a few more minutes he drops his own fork, she spreads her legs and he looks again.. hitting his head on the underside of the able again, because while in the house she had removed her panties. she was bare and bald. he can see her pink damp skin.

the boyfriend knows what she was doing. she had told him before what she planned. he watches as both his love and her potential new lover get all smiley and playful. he loves when she is happy. and even better when she is turned on and wants to fuck.

she suggests they move into the house to watch a movie. she sits in the middle.. and demurely presses her skirt down to her knees. crossing her legs as she sits down. she places a hand on the thigh of both men. they start to watch the movie.
she leans over and kisses her boyfriend on the lips. rubbing the thighs of both men, moving hands up to their cocks through their pants. kissing her bf passionately. his hand moves to her thigh and starts to rub it, pulling the skirt up.. you can see it clear the stockings.. and get sooo close to her pussy. he breaks off the kiss and tells her to kiss her friend. so she turns her head and starts kissing him.. while the boyfriend starts nibbling on her neck. and starts unbuttoning her shirt, to reveal the tops of her breast, that you can see over the half cup bra she is wearing. pushing them up so high. one button at a time.. til she is open in the front, the bra showing, her tummy, and the top of the skirt.
the shirt is short sleeves, so her arm are bare as well. he pushes one leg toward the other guy, and pulls the other leg towards him. his hand moves up her silky stocking til it hits her even silkier thigh, he runs his fingers up and down the slit.. feeling the warmth, knowing how wet she will get. because she always gets so very wet. and now that she is having the first mmf.. knowing what a turn on the thought of it was to her, he knows that as long as she is happy and satisfied, she will get super wet and want to do this again, and experiment more of the swinger lifestyle.

more to come.. night night all.
hot chocolate
Posted:Jan 19, 2018 10:59 am
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2019 6:20 pm

so she isn't feeling the best.. has a cold.. feeling a little run down.. overall she should be in bed resting.. but she hears someone at her door.. who could that be she wonders.. remembering that she is waiting for her passport she drags herself from her warm and soft queen size bed.. that is piled with like 15 pillows, 3 quilts.. she is wearing a pink lace thong, and her baby doll pink nightie.. its a just barely covers the top of the thighs kind.. it is a little loose in the lacing in the front.. you can clearly see the cleavage.. and wow the legs.. those solid muscle legs.. no skinny sticks there.. those thigh muscles move when she walks. you can tell she knows where to wrap them.. and use them to her advantage. so she walks to the door and peeks through the curtains.. she sees a stranger leaving a cup of tim horton's on her deck. she looks at him.. he isn't familiar to her from the back. He is really tall though. has dark hair.. appears to have dark eyes.. just her type really.. she sucks her lip between her teeth and starts to open the door.. which stops him from walking away.. he looks up and you can tell he is impressed with the legs.. and then the panties.. and the barely there nightie.. the impressive 46d cleavage... the lips sucked between the teeth.. and you can see he starts to grow.. as does her smile.
"Hi Andrew" she purrs.. with the sore throat she cant talk loud.. her voice is all husky and sexy sounding.. almost like she does sex calls for a living lol.. you shouldn't have come.. you could get sick too..
"only here to drop off some hot chocolate for you.. make your throat feel better, but since i'm here.. i know something else that would make you feel better.. let me come in and take care of you.. please"
she pauses.. "but Andrew you will get sick!"
"no i wont.. i wont kiss your mouth.. i will just take care of you.. get you all settled down." he pushes her back into the house.. and closed the door at his back..
he then takes her hand and pulls her into the bedroom.. the hot chocolate forgotten on the deck.
he unties the rest of the front of the baby doll.. letting it flutter to the floor. he pulls the lace thong down her body. he then pats the bed asking her to lay back on the mounds of pillows.. pulls the blankets away from under her.. takes her legs and stretches them out.. and then moves to lay down next to her.. only instead of putting his head on the pillow .. he puts his head on her breast. taking the nipple into his mouth. his other hand moves to her other breast. pulling her nipple a bit causing friction and a moan in her throat.. he continues to do that while she gasps.. he sucks harder on her nipple.. using his teeth and tongue on it.. tugging it with his lips. suckling her and squeezing the other nipple between his fingers.. hard enough to cause gasps to come out of her mouth.. her body to bow up and trying to put her breast further into his mouth.. she is clutching his head and holding it to her. he chuckles because he loves having this power over her. she is writhing on the bed.. her legs are moving around.. he takes his hand away from her breast and pushes her legs apart.. lets her nipple come out of his mouth with a loud pop.. he then uses his hands and bring her hands down by her hips.. and flattens them to the bed..
he then gets up and moves between her spread out legs.. the muscles in her legs are quivering. he just stops to look at her pussy.. its so pink and you can see some moisture pooling there. he moves his hands under her thighs.. holds her wrist while he leans in and takes his tongue up from the bottom of her pussy to the top.. slightly pressing on the clit. this makes her moan louder.. she tries to wiggle closer to his mouth.. put he has her held down.. she cant get closer.. he stops and just breaths on her clit.. hot breath such a turn on.. he blows on it a little bit.. she starts shivering.. considers begging.. its been so long.. she totally does need this.. he starts to lick slow and steady.. up and down.. then a circle around. then back and forth, she can feel everything, every little bit of his wonderful soft tongue. he lets go of her hand long enough to grab the toy he had hidden in his pocket.. its a bullet that he gently inserts inside of her.. pushing in far enough that he knows it will vibrate on the g spot. he then follows the cable down to the control and turns it on.. she so wasn't expecting it.. she gives a quick jerk.. then from his other pocket he pulls out some clamps and he gets up and connects them to her already hard nipples.. she is laying there with her legs spread.. her hard nipples pointing straight up.. looking at him with half closed eyes.. so now she has a vibrator inside her.. her nipples are being pinched.. she is so close to orgasm.. he leans back down.. and starts licking her clit so slowly.. she moans.. getting louder all the time. her body starts vibrating.. "oh god i'm cumming" she says.. he continues to lick her..reaching for the control and turning the vibrator up a notch.. .. reaching for the nipple clamps and pulling on them with his other hand.. her hands are clutching the bed.. and then moves to run through his hair.. pulling i'm closer and closer so his face is coated in her cum.. moaning as another orgasm runs through her body.. her voice has given out.. so all you hear are little whimpers.. he pulls the vibrator out.. moves it to lay on her clit.. and lays between her legs.. pressing her against the soft mattress.. moves his large hard cock head inside her.. feeling the vibrations from the vibrator on her clit against his cock..
she moans loudly and lifts her hips to match each of his hard thrusts. the vibrations and the tight pussy and the hard unbearably fantastic frantic thrusts.. she reaches up and removes the clamps on her nipples.. then lifts her chest and rubs her nipples on his.. wraps her strong long 34 inch legs around his hips.. lift up for every one of his thrust.. and before you know it.. he is spilling his seed inside her.. just as the combination of the breast rubbing, clit vibrations and hard thrusts makes her cum again.. he back up.. watches his cum spilling out of her. all the white cream as he calls it..
he gets up and goes and gets a wet facecloth, wipes her up.. cleans the whole area.. leans over and sucks her breast again.. then gets ups and whispers good night.. as she has already fallen asleep finally.. as she is naked he pulls the quilt up and over her body, after he simply looks at her for a few minutes.. then counting his blessings he leaves her alone to go fetch the cold hot chocolate..
blace lace panties..
Posted:Dec 11, 2017 5:50 pm
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2019 6:21 pm

so he pulls on her necklace, brings her mouth closer for a kiss.. pressing his lips against hers, pressing his tongue inside her mouth, finding hers and stroking. his hand not on her necklace moves to her neck, sliding down to her shoulder, then all the way down to her hand til it reaches the tips. she moans and he moves his hand to rub her breast. feeling the nipple harden against his palm. she moans against his lips..
his other hand moves to the other breast.. making the second nipple hard. he then uses his fingers to pull on the nipple and pluck pulling it harder.. making her moan loudly. he uses his body to push her back against the wall.. kissing her harder.. pushing his tongue in an out of his mouth, exactly how he will push his cock in and out of her body later.. but first to get her into position.. just where he wants her to be so he can have his wicked way with her.. and use her body to her and his satisfaction.
he pulls away and tells her to go get on the bed.. she starts to walk away and he slaps her on the bottom and chuckles, she grins at him over the shoulder and runs into the bed room, jumping on the bed pulling her shirt over her head.. wiggling out of her pants.. she finds his hands on her bra opening it up and pulling it off.. she reaches for the black lace panties to pull then down.. he tells her to leave them on.. winking at her..
he takes a hand and pushes it toward the head board, while leaning in to kiss her.. she is laying down on the bed.. now only in black lace panties.. that are already wet,, he rubbed a finger up the middle of them.. feeling her through them.. hot and moist. just the way he likes it. he pushes her hand against the mans silk tie he already has fastened to the bed.. she whimpers against his mouth.. he pulls away a bit and tells her she tends to try to get away.. he chuckles.. so i am tying you to the bed tonight.. so you cant get away from me or the pleasure im going to give you. he reaches for the other hand and uses the purple scarf she purchased at the dollar store earlier for the cold weather. she laughs out loud.. "that is not what i bought that for!"
he laughs, "well now you know its a multi used scarf"..
so he leans down and breaths lightly, hotly on her neck.. sending shivers down her spine and making her moan and not laugh anymore. he trails a tongue down her chest until he captures her nipple into his mouth.. other hand moves to her other breast and rubes, pulls and s with the nipple.. making her moan loudly his hand moves down her body to press against her wet center. pushing her panties aside so he can insert finger inside her.. moving it in and out.. when he pulls his finger out he adds another to it.
when he presses in this time, he slightly curls his fingers up and presses.. kinda wiggling his fingers.. pressing it harder, moving them in and out. pressing the panties further to the the side. she is all but panting now.. breath getting caught.. she is moaning.. not sure what is happening she says. feels different. he tells her to relax.. and starts to feel liquid pooling between her legs, he starts to grin.. oh my god. what is happening she says.. it feels so good.. he explains to her that she is squirting... he keeps pressing inside her even while she is trying to get away.. because the pressure is so intense. she is moaning and almost begging i cant take it.. its too much... he tells her she can take it.. he slows down a little and gives her a little breathing room.. and her breathing starts to return to normal. then he starts it all over again.. before she knows it she is panting again and struggling against the bonds and really trying to wiggle away.. .oh god its so good.. so strong.. and she is squirting a second time.. she is yelling the safe word.. he chuckles and stops fingering her.. he leans over her and kisses her.. she kisses him back passionately.. he lays his body on top of her.. still tied to the bed.. kissing her passionately.. he whispers.. did you like that... she responds that she did.. as he slides inside of her.. she is so wet, he moans.. while her insides are squeezing him tight.. he runs his hands up over her arms until he is holding her hands. they are both moaning, he is murmuring to her how good it feels to be inside of her.. how wet she is.. that he loves what she feels like.. kissing her lips, her neck, her shoulders.. until he feels she is about to orgasm.. and while she does he cums inside her... both of them moaning together and then kissing..
surprise for you baby!!
Posted:Aug 27, 2017 8:58 pm
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2019 6:19 pm

she finds a note that says he has a surprise for her and to wear something pretty.. so she laughs out loud.. that could mean anything with her husband.. so she runs to grab a shower... and washes up using her vanilla soap.. her new fragrance that he loves to smell her in.. gets out of the shower rubbing all over to get dry.. sprays on vanilla scent.. all the places he likes it best.. a little sparkle on the naked shoulders and legs..

goes into the walk in closet he had specially made for her. that was a surprise as well as the lingerie that he put it into it.. she slips into her thigh high stockings and her garter belt, that goes over her black lace thong, then a black lace push up bra.. pushing her large breast almost to the top and spilling out.. over top of it she puts on her new red teddy with the black lace insets, ties it up nice and tight in the front. leaving her breast tops exposed. reaching for her thigh long black dress.. will just cover the tops of the stockings when she is standing..

looks in the mirror and admires herself momentarily, thinks he will enjoy.. slips into some high heels and walks into bedroom to apply make up.

just finishes a light make up when her husband walks in the room and takes a lazy look of her body. smiles and leans in to kiss her freshly lipsticked lips. your smoking hot baby..

do you trust me he asks?
she smiles and says yes of course.. OK get on the bed baby.. i'm going to tie you to the bed. just your hands.. i want your legs free.. my surprise is someone that is going to join us today.

as they have had several male partners over the years she doesn't think anything of it. so she gets on the bed.. and he ties her to the bed.. leaning over and kissing her deeply.. plunging his tongue inside her mouth.. hands rubbing her breast.. tweaking the nipples.. feeling them get hard against the palm of his hand. moving his hands down to grab her thighs and wrap them around his hips.. ramming his pelvis into her.. both still fully clothed. kissing deeply. then he leverages up and is on his knees..
i know you said you didn't want to have sex with a woman.. and i'm not asking you to.. but i am asking you to let her do things to you. i think you will enjoy it and you don't have to touch her, just let her touch you. and let me watch. she squirms.. not sure about this Hun.. i'm not into woman...

i know your not Hun.. lets just try it to see if you enjoy.
OK but just this one. and i'm not touching her. yes yes i know dear.. that's why your tired up. he winks at her.

"ok you can come in" he calls

in walks a sexy brunette.. she smiles at me and proceeds to climb on the bed. on my right side. and asks permission to touch my body. i hesitate.. and she tells me if she does something i don't like to just tell her and she will stop.. but she really wants to touch me and watch my husband fuck me. I tell her to go ahead.

she leans over and pulls the cup of my bra down.. exposing my breast and my hard larger nipple..
she touches it with her finger.. just rubbing the tip.. then takes it between her 2 fingers.. rubs it back and forth. then pinching it a bit.. then leans in and takes in between her lips.. licking the tip.. then wrapping her lips around it and sucking on it softly..
her other hand moves over to my other breast and pulls that cup down as well.. so not both breast are bared for her.
my husband is watching the whole time, is sitting down at the foot of the bed.. slowly taking off his tie.. watching the whole time. his already impressive erection is getting bigger if possible.
her mouth is sucking my nipple hard.. and not gonna lie. she is very good at it. with her other hand she is plucking my other nipple.. pulling it away from my body and letting it go to snap back. i'm moaning loudly. chest is lifting off the bed.. to get more into her mouth maybe.. she lets go of the other nipple and when she pulls her lips off my first nipple you can hear the smack noise with her mouth..
she leans over the bed and starts to suck my other nipple. sucks it hard into her mouth.. i moan and wiggle.. god this feels good i say.. my husband is now rubbing my feet.. and my calfs
the hand that is not supporting her weight is now moving down my body.. one finger tracing a line down to my pussy,, she slips it between my lips.. pulls her mouth off my nipple to tell me that im very wet.. and she is going to taste my pussy in a minute.. this pleases my husband as he starts rubbing my thigh harder.. i can see he is starting to unbutton his shirt,, her mouth leaves my nipple and follows the trail first done by her finger. she moves til she is kneeling between my legs.. presses them apart.. and starts to lick my clit..
softly and slowly at first.. and then faster.. my husband watches the whole time.. tells her i like it licked slower.. softer. makes her hum.. and oh so wet. so she starts licking slow.. im getting so wet.. you can hear the soft noises as she licks and sucks my clit.. im moaning loudly.. saying that i want to cum so bad.
he walks up and leans down and trust his tongue into my mouth.. so i have now 2 mouths inside me.. because she sees him doing this and she does the same to my pussy. that is so unbelievably erotic.. his hand moves to my breast and with one on each breast he rubs my nipples.. and she moves back to my clit.. this is all so much.. so much sensation.. so a few more minutes of this and i cum on her tongue.. moaning deeply on his tongue.. he removes all of his clothes and he then lays down on the bed... lifts me up til i am laying on him.. and he sticks his cock inside me from under me.. so i'm laying on him, and he is laying on the bed.. pussy still exposed and his cock inside me..
she wiggles around until she is between both sets of legs.. and starts licking my pussy again while my husband is fucking me.. oh god.. i whimper.. he whispers in my ear that this is so hot and he wont last long.. he is going to cum inside of me and she can then lick it all up.. she wants to and he starts pumping hard.. moaning in her ear.. the pressure inside her pussy and the tongue outside is too much for me. and I cums again.. squeezing his cock.. making him cum inside me.
he pulls out of my pussy and watches while the other girl cleans up all of the cum with her tongue..

omg that feels good.. i'm so wet.. she puts a finger inside my pussy.. and another inside my asshole.. never had that before and it feels so good. she tells me she wants me to cum one more time before she goes.. so she starts fucking my pussy and my ass with her hand.. plunging into both.. sucking my clit hard into her mouth.. i'm practically incoherent now i'm moaning so much. my hands hands are rubbing my nipples.. his mouth on my neck sucking that one special spot there. with the 5 ways of the 2 of them stimulating my body it doesn't take long and i'm screaming through another orgasm.
a meet
Posted:Aug 4, 2017 7:37 pm
Last Updated:Nov 19, 2019 4:18 am

palms sweaty, breathing shallow, nerves humming, skin tingling.. not sure if she is making a mistake or not she thinks.. but she said she would meet him, and by god she will no matter how nervous she is. she straigtens her spin and keeps walking down the long hotel hallway.. looking for room 217.. sees room 214, 215, 216 and finally 217. she lifts her shacking hand to knock.. and is met with silence.. oh no... am i too late? did he go out? and suddenly the door is opened. he stands there with a towel wrapped around his narrow hips, wet hair dripping, water running down his lightly haired chest. it runs down to the towel. his dark hair made darker with the water. His dark brown eyes direct on her hazel. he can see that she is a bit nervous. reaches out to take her hand and pull her slowly into the room. she walks in and he closes the door behind her. he gently pushes her back to the door.. moving in front of her.. "hey" he says in his deep timber voice. "hey back" she says.. her voice has a light sqeak to it, betraying her nerves.
he leans in and kisses her.. a deep tougue in her mouth kiss. using his hands to push her hands up above her head and holding them to the door..
she can feel his towel fall and his cock spring up and press into her midriff. he moves so that both her hands are in his one.. and his hand moves down and starts to feel her breast. moving and squeezing lightly. rubbing the nipple through the silk blouse she is wearing. he moves his hand up and starts to unbutton her blouse. kissing her very well.. she is enjoying the tougue in her mouth.. and when he tries to take it out she moans no.. all the buttons are undone now. he moves his hand to her breast.. feeling through the bra and then pulling the cup down and under one breast, and the other.. hand now rubbing over both of them, one at a time. rubbing the nipples with his fingers and thumb, pinching lightly, pulling.. and squeezing them. she moans in his mouth.. feels his penis react to that.. jerks a bit against her. and now that her shirt is open she can feel the head of his penis on belly.. slightly wet it feels.
he pulls his mouth off hers.. looks up and attaches her hands to a cable he put there earlier.. he looks her directly in the eyes. "hold on to that cable. if you let go you wont get your orgasm. do you understand?" she nods her head. he lets go of her hands.. and she grasp the cable. his mouth moves to one breast as he bends over.. takes one nipple into his mouth as he holds the other in his hand.. sucks greedily on the nipple.. .moves to the other nipple as well and sucks hard on that one too.. pushes both breast together and sucks both nipples into his mouth.. at this point she is moaning and breathing hard.. begging for more.. god that feels good.
he moves to get on his knees in front of her.. kissing down to her belly..
pulls her skirt down and off.. sees that she didnt wear any panties. "good girl. you did what i told you.. that gets you a little reward" he says. he lifts one of her legs and puts it over his shoulder.. he leans in and just smells her vagina. "baby if you taste as good as you smell.. mmmm " he leans in and puts his tougue on her clit.. moaning as he does making her feel the vibrations on her clit.. she tries to wiggle.. and he presses her ass to the door.. keeping her imobilized. he licks slow but sure.. feeling the quiver in her body. he moves one hand back upa nd rubs her nipple.. the other hand holding her legs up slips down to her center, sliping one finger inside her. fucking her with his finger, tougue moving slow on her clit.. pinching a nipple.. she is so turned on and wet that it doesnt take long and she is cumming on his tougue. her hands start to slide off the cable.. "your hands better stay there".. that snaps her hands back.. he moves to stand up and lets her leg fall back down to the floor.. her shirt is hanging at her sides.. her breast are bared for him to see.. he leans in and licks one and then sucks it hard into his mouth. then moves between her legs. lifting them up on each side of his hips. then rams it into her hot wet pussy.. they moan together.. he starts to slide out slow.. then rams it back in.. he continues to slide out and slam in.. she starts moaning again.. the head of his penis is quite large and rubs against her gspot every time.. she startes to cum on his cock.. which causes him to cum inside her.
gasping for breath he lets her legs falls.. and places his forhead against hers.. kissing her lightly. pulling her lip into between his teeth.
"very nice, you can let go of the cable now" her arms move down to wrap around his shoulders.
he pulls his still hard cock from inside her, moves away and pulls he shirt off and drops it to the floor.. removing her bra,, he pulls her into the bathroom with him and into the shower where he turns on a blast of cold water on their bodies. she tries to move away laughing.. "oh my god that's cold".. he laughs and turns on the hot water and the charm.. "its ok baby, i will keep you warm and clean you"
first attempt.
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ok so getting the courage to write this first one. please feel free to comment positively if you like it.

so he tells her to go to the bedroom.. to put on her black lace bra and panties.. then to put on her eye mask and lay on the bed and wait for him.

she kisses him on the mouth.. and walks into the bedroom.. dropping the clothes she is currently wearing.. shirt comes opens one button at a time.. once the last button is done, it falls to the floor in a flutter.

the striking red bra being unhooked and falling.. hitting the floor.

the skirt being pushed down, the red panties with it.. walking out of them.. trailing the clothes across the wooden floor.

she is completely naked now. walks into the bedroom, reaches for the black lace undergarments. slides them on, reaches for her favorite scent, vanilla and lightly sprays herself. gets her mask and lays on the bed. legs together and arms to her sides. her whole body quivering, knowing it will be good, but not knowing what he will do to her once he comes in.

she hears him approach. the soft foot falls, the heavy breathing she realizes is her own. she is so excited she feels herself getting wet..

he reaches the bed. she feels his weight hit the bed, feels him leaning over and a rattle.. the jingle.. she wonders what he is doing.. then he leans close to her ear.. and whispers.. I'm going to handcuff you to my bed.. and your not going to be able to go anywhere. or stop me from doing what I want to your beautiful body. now give me your hands.
her body gets tight, her nipples getting hard, moisture starts to pool in between her legs.. her hands going up and he shackled her to the bed.

she pulls a bit and realizes that she is truly cuffed.

he then tells her that he bought something that day he wants to use on her. that he went to the sex store and bought a spreader and a vibrator. and he is going to use both..
she wonders what a spreader is. sounds mysterious and somewhat painful, ouch. he chuckles seeing the expression on her face.. it will be fine my dear. you will love it..

he runs his hands down her arms from her wrists to her shoulders. then trails his fingers down the center of her chest, down her belly.. over her hips and down her legs. just the tips touching her. she shivers.. he reaches her ankles.. grabs one firmly and lifts her legs and spreads the left leg. moves it apart from the other. spreading them apart. she feels something go around her ankle. hears a tink.. she asks him what that noise was?
"its the buckle on the spreader.. now don't fight me and let me take care of this. you will be ready for what's to come soon enough"
he quickly reaches for the other ankle and buckles her in to that one. then he uses his hands on either side of the bar.. and spreads he legs apart. she kind of wiggles and realizes that she has a bit of room to move with her wrist but cannot move her legs. he runs his hands up and down her legs. they are so soft and long. 34 inch legs. tells her how they feel, strong and ready to wrap around him when he wants. but tonight... they are going to do something different..
"today when I got to work, couldn't leave these things on the motorcycle, so had to take them into work. the guys at work went crazy when I walked into the garage with these.. there were whistles and catcalls.. guys wanted to know what I was planning.. got to tell you babe when they knew I was planning on doing you with them.. well they were very jealous. they started telling me baby how they would love to be the one to play with your beautiful breast. or fill that pretty mouth. a couple told me they would be totally down to helping with the spreader and taking turns on you.
so I decided to bring a couple home to help" he feels her stomach muscles clenching. he sees her open her mouth and knows she will start to protest.

"it will turn me on seeing you pleasure these guys. to seeing you cummings so many times. I want you to do this for me. see if you like it. if you don't then we don't have to do it again" will you do it for me. baby?" she thinks about it for a few seconds. realizes that she wants to make him happy.. and that she would like to try it, always been a secret desire. she nods slowly

She is ready. she hears what seems like dozens of feet coming in the room.. he tells her its only 3 other guys. she feels one crawl over her to get on her left. an other lays on her right, one immediately starts kissing her and rubbing her breast.. feels a mouth on other breast. feels a hand on her vagina. hands everywhere.. feels hot breath on it, then a tongue slides in between the folds. she tries to move, to clamp her legs together.. but realizes she cannot, she is tied and blind folded and cant move her legs.. who ever is licking her is laying on the spreader.. she is really and utterly under the control of every man here. she moans, the sensations of the mouth and hand on both breast. the tongue lapping at her softly and slowly, just barely touching her clit.. not being able to control it.. the one guys stops kissing her and moves his mouth to her other breasts.. so now both breast are being sucked greedily. the tongue on the clit is starting to move faster.. something is being pressed into her mouth, she realizes its a cock. The flicks her tongue up the side, but then he starts to pump it into her mouth. mimicking the movements the other guy is doing with his tongue between her legs.. the sensation and the breast sucking is making her so wet.. she starts to cum.. making the guy in her mouth very excited and he cums in her mouth.. she feels someone start to slide something inside her.. he starts pumping into her slow but firm.. in and out.. in and out.. one of the guys leave her breast and she feels him wiggle up and start putting his cock in her mouth.. so 2 men are not taking her body.. another one slides over and start sucking her other breast, taking the place the one guy.. the sensations are out of control... she is starting to feel overwhelmed and panics a little.. her husband reaches over and pulls off the mask.. looks her in the eyes and tells her she is beautiful and that this is fantastic. to relax and enjoy it. she moves her head to the side to dislodge the cock.. and asks that he takes off the handcuffs, so she doesn't feel so controlled.
he undoes the cuffs.. she reaches up and pulls him down for a kiss.. she gives this kiss her all. then she uses the other hand to reach for the guy on the lefts cock.. and starts stroking it.

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