The Arrival  

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6/30/2020 5:14 pm
The Arrival

The three days is up and you're waiting to meet me at the airport - I've caught the connecting flight and you're waiting for me in that green tshirt and jeans I watched you in on cam.

We hug in the airport, your body feeling every bit as soft and sexy as I had imagined when watching you on cam. My luggage arrives and we head to your car. Before long on the trip to your place, we are talking and laughing, getting along famously.

We arrive at your place, rushing inside to beat the cold. I close the door behind me as you turn to face me, pushing me back against the door as I wrap my arms around you, pulling you close against me and kissing you. A tentative kiss to begin with, lips brushing, exploring, then becoming more and more passionate, tongues beginning to dart inside each others mouth.

My hands hook underneath your tshirt, pulling it off over your shoulders to reveal that gorgeous little negligee, knowing how much I loved you wearing it on cam, your beautiful cleavage looking so much more inviting in the flesh.

Our kisses grow more and more urgent, lips mashing against each other, hands beginning to explore each other all over, yours sliding up under my shirt, mine squeezing and fondling your lovely soft breasts, nipples so hard pushing against the soft material.

I feel your hands tubbing at the belt of my jeans, then the button, the zip before pushing my jeans down over my hips, my cock bulging through my briefs as you run your fingers lightly over it.

You start kissing down my chest, knees bending, moving lower and lower until you are on your knees in front of me, kissing through my briefs along the full length of my hard shaft, cupping my balls through the soft material and squeezing them lightly.

You look up at me as you hook your fingers under the waistband, teasing me with your wicked smile and tongue licking your lips, briefs sliding down over my thighs until my cock suddenly springs free in front of your face. Your smile widens, wrapping your hand around the thick hard shaft, feeling it pulsing against your skin.

"Is that what you were after Kristin" I ask cheekily. You just nod and smile before running your tongue all over the fat swollen head, little drops of precum already forming and stretching from your tongue. You kiss the tiny lips, little streams of precum stretching from them to your lips, then licking the fat swollen head all over, teasing around the rim, up and down the shaft, cupping my balls and lightly squeezing on them. You open your mouth, lips wrapping around the rim of the head and sucking just on the head, tongue swirling all around it before slowly sliding your mouth down the shaft, taking me in your warm wet mouth inch by hot hard inch, looking up at me as you do with those sexy eyes.

You know it won’t take long for me to cum after having been cooped up in a plane for so long and continue teasing my cock with your hot mouth and tongue and teeth, slowing when you feel me begin to tense, feeling the need growing between your thighs for that cock.
You stand eventually, kissing me hard on the mouth and driving your tongue deep inside, undoing your own jeans and easing them down until you are standing in nothing but that gorgeous negligee. “Mmmm Kristin” I gasp, taking you by the hand to the couch, bending you over the armrest and lifting your negligee to reveal your cute little ass, your pussy sandwiched between your thighs glistening in the light. You spread your legs invitingly, “this is what you came for wasn’t it James” you giggle “well come and get it”- NOW”.

I don’t need any further invitation, grabbing you by your hips, the head of my cock rubbing against your wet pussy from behind, my precum mixing in with your juices – pushing forward, the head of my cock spreading you wide open as we both moan, easing forward and filling you inch by thick hard inch until the full length is buried inside you – then pausing as we both enjoy the feeling of my hard cock in your hot wet pussy, something we had both been looking forward to since we began chatting.

My hips start swaying, cock sliding back and forth, each thrust becoming a little harder, you pushing back to meet each thrust, wanting to feel my cock going deeper and deeper, your ass cheeks soon slapping loudly against my stomach, balls smacking against your tingling swollen clit. My hand reaches forward, pushing down against the small of your back, sliding up to your neck and gripping it, pulling you back against my cock, fingers soon sliding through your lovely hair and pulling your head back, gently but firmly as I spear inside you again and again and again, long hard urgent thrusts – god your pussy so wet and so tight now, both of us working into a frenzy.

Pulling just a little harder on your hair as I suddenly feel your entire body begin to tremble, your back arching pushing back hard against my cock as your orgasm begins to hit you, wave after wave of pleasure washing over your body as you let out a long low moan, pussy suddenly squeezing me like a vice and pushing me over the edge, my cock suddenly convulsing inside you, shooting long hot hard jets of cum deep inside you and flooding your pussy, splashing against your pussy walls and mixing in with your own cum, soon oozing from within and trickling down your thighs and my balls.

You pull away, my cock falling limply between my thighs, and kiss me once more. “Welcome to America” you say with a smile, “you must need a shower after your long trip”.

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6/30/2020 6:47 pm

Mmmmmmmm, a tantalizing read

author51 57F  
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6/30/2020 11:38 pm

Nice erotic read..

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

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