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May 9, 2020Bisexuals PlaygroundQuarantine1   
May 9, 2020Bisexuals PlaygroundYour opinion1   
May 9, 2020Bisexuals PlaygroundAs a guy do you prefer1   
Mar 30, 2020Bisexuals PlaygroundSensual bisexual playmates?1   
Mar 30, 2020watersport loversYou prefer male pee or female pee?1   
Nov 20, 2019Bisexuals PlaygroundGuy, what do you like to do with other guys?1   
Oct 5, 2019Men,women,Cpls for TS/TG/TV/CDFor the GURLS out there.1   
Aug 28, 2019Pees And QueuesPeeing my Pants1   
Aug 28, 2019watersport loversWhere Do You Practice Pee Play?1   
Aug 28, 2019watersport loversGive, take or both? Nude or flully clothed?1   
Aug 1, 2019TGirls Transvestite & Admiresany gurls in the Plano area ?1   
Jul 22, 2019TGirls Transvestite & AdmiresNo CDs in Foat Wuth to play with?1   
Jul 16, 2019Bisexuals PlaygroundCircumcised or not?1   
Jul 9, 2019TGirls Transvestite & AdmiresHello everyone1   
May 13, 2019Bisexuals PlaygroundUncut1   
May 13, 2019Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlaySpitting2   
May 13, 2019Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayShredding1   
Oct 16, 2018Pees And QueuesWhile having sex?1   
Oct 16, 2018Pees And QueuesI had to go!1   
Sep 11, 2018Pees And QueuesDrought!1   
Sep 5, 2018Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayQuestion for men and women.1   
Nov 16, 2017Pees And Queues"WHEN"2   
Sep 17, 2017Bisexuals PlaygroundVideos?1   
Mar 30, 2017Bisexuals PlaygroundOldr lkn 4 oldr. North DFW for FWB1   
Mar 30, 2017Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayRough Sex1   
Mar 30, 2017Bisexuals PlaygroundSingle guys. Woman watches?1   
Mar 27, 2017Pees And QueuesSo what about pee hole play?2   
Mar 12, 2017Pees And Queuespiss on self1   
Mar 12, 2017Pees And QueuesJust lookin'2   
Dec 5, 2016Bisexuals PlaygroundNew to Group From Dallas1   
Jul 10, 2016Bisexuals Playgroundcocks1   
Jul 1, 2016Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayNew to the group.1   
Jun 29, 2016Bisexuals PlaygroundFor the guys: First Same Sex Experience1   
Jun 29, 2016Bisexuals PlaygroundHow many same sex partners have you had?1   
Jun 29, 2016Bisexuals PlaygroundHello everyone.1   
Jun 29, 2016Bisexuals PlaygroundRimming1   
Jun 29, 2016Bisexuals PlaygroundSex Toys1   
May 9, 2016Men,women,Cpls for TS/TG/TV/CDLength Vs Girth1   
Apr 15, 2016TGirls Transvestite & AdmiresLooking for a top near Keller1   
Apr 15, 2016Pees And QueuesWOW!1   
Feb 25, 2016Pees And QueuesHello to all! (DFW)1